How to find your right seminar Training product.

How to find your right training product for a successful seminar.

The first step in this business is to find the hot training subject.

This is not too difficult.It does take some research and observation,however.

First,you must develop categories for search.The categories can best be described as those areas of business or book sales and social life that engage the attention of large segment of people for training.

The categories are general areas of interest such as investing,physical fitness,working women,how to get ahead in business,sex,religion,social networking,energy,world trade,world travel,marriage,divorce,small business opportunities,living off the land,diets,etc. As lifestyles and business methods change you can add and subtract training categories.

To establish current training categories you read other blogs,online newspapers and online magazines,popular general magazines, and business and trade magazines looking for patterns of reports and stories about categories and training subjects.You don’t have to read the magazines word for word,just look at the table of contents for training subject matter and note anything that look interesting ¬†as a training category.

Use a 3 x 5 card,note the article title, a brief summary of content, and the name of the author. As you do this themes will develop.You will find certain subjects are covered more often and in greater depth than others.This will indicate that the subject is hot and a possible seminar topic.

Let’s take an example of a hot training subject and how it can be promoted.

The social networking business is very hot and will be hot for a long time to come,it has expanded the work at home business,also the virtual business model has grown.This was foreign territory in years past.

The need for more help and information training on these subjects gives us a great place to start for a successful training seminar.

Women, retires,young adults are great niches to package training seminars around.One such seminar designed to interest the largest possible target group was on all aspects of success in business.It was a two day training seminar that pulled over 400 attendees and took in $78,000 in fees for those two days.

This is an example of the hot subject,and the money it can generate when the training

The first step is to find the hot topic.

package is properly sold.

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