How to face up to financial problems

You can’t make things financially right unless you are honest with yourself-absolutely and completely.Here are some important questions to ask yourself.Some of them won’t be easy to answer.Some of them may make you wince because they’ll remind you of mistakes you have made in the past that you would rather not think about.But this is the time for absolute honesty.So ask yourself these questions,and be honest when answer them.

1.Do you stall one creditor to pay another?

2.Do you struggle to pay the minimum payment on your credit debt each month?
3.Have you had to dip into your retirement savings or to take out a home equity loan to meet normal household expense?

4.Do you put off seeing a doctor or a dentist when you need to because you can’t afford it?

5.Are there repairs around the house that need doing that you’ve put off because you just can’t afford them?

Money Tip:
If you’re answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the risk is high that you’re in a financial hole and must start digging your way out now.

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