How to develop a creative financing technique.

Most people think there is only one way for the average person to finance a real estate purchase- that is, go to an institutional lender, like a bank,mortgage company,or savings and loan, and obtain a mortgage. If that were the only way to buy real estate, it would be very different to make ┬ámoney as a real estate investor.Fortunately, it’s not the only way!

To be successful as an investor, you must think creatively and consider the wide range of possibilities that are open to you, such as borrowing money for a down payment from the real estate broker or agent who is helping to arrange your purchase,(yes,you really can do that), or using the equity in the property you already own as collateral against a loan that you’ll use to make a down payment.

The fact is that there are far more creative techniques than are conventional techniques for financing a real estate purchase. However, to make use of them you have to know what information to look for and what to do with the information when you find it. You have to know how to develop your own technique.

I can’t stress enough how important creativity is in determining whether or not you succeed as a real estate investor.Some of the many possibilities at your disposal when it comes to finding financing that include the following 16 sources:

The seller

The property

Promissory notes


Equity Partners


Real Estate agents and brokers

Home equity loans

Life insurance policies

Existing loans on the property

Using notes

Pledge-assets mortgages

Lease options

Government programs

Your service and skills

You can use these strategies alone or in combination with other strategies to buy property creatively.

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