How to create a Marketing Brand

How to create a marketing brand you have to be unique and unduplicatable to create a marketing brand unique to me.

Here is how to do what i do.

Make your guarantee conditional upon specfic performance by the other person.Mine is simple.”Do what i guide you to do and document to me that you have done so.” That’s all you need to protect yourself from scoundrels.

Action 4. Do Exhaustive Research.

Spare no expense.Make yourself the very best on earth at what you do. Do more than is required. Do more than is expected. Do more that anyone in their right mind would do.Be the very  best at what you do.This will help your .This will help your marketing brand.

Action 5. Stimulate Referrals.

Reward your clients or customers who refer you to folks who invest in what you offer.Give appropriate gifts,depending on size of the ticket and reward referrals generously.The idea is to get your marketing brand out to the public.

Action 6.Treat people right.

Be there for them long after the sale. Care about each client. You’ve heard this before:”People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care!” Let the Golden Rule govern your attitudes,your thoughts,your words,and your actions.

Action 7.Don’t Sell- Market

What’s the difference? Selling is persuading someone to buy your is creating conditions under which the buyer is attracted to your offer and decides on their own to invest in what you offer.How do you do that? Public relations.Advertising.Word -of mouth.

Do what you do so well that people can’t resist coming back for more and telling their friends to do the same.

While i developed questionnaries for other companies, i found myself focusing on my own business.Here are some questions I ask myself,and you sould ask yourself:

How professional does my advertising look?

Is my marketing unique and does it focus on my branded image?

How long does it take to responed to emails?

Do I return emails promptly?

Do I have value based pricing?

Do I treat my customers like royalty?

Do my customers provide me with repeat and referral business?

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