How to build credibility with an Online Course.

Have you every consider offering an Online Course via e-mail?

Basically a online course is just a series of articles on a specific topic-Your online course will consist of several lessons,delivered at pre-set intervals.

Compose the lessons once so that you’re ready to deliver them to anyone who signs up for the online course.

Online Course

Ongoing advertisements for your business.

That will be a bear to administer,you ask? Not if you use one of the online course services that is designed to do this.In using one of the e-mail engines, for example, you have up to seven lessons for your online course.

Your first lesson is set to go out immediately after your new student sends an e-mail to the course address(you set the address!).Then each lesson goes out automatically on the day you prescribe. It may be weekly. This is an automatic e-mail series, also known as a sequential auto- responder.

Regardless of the interval, you enter each lesson as you want it to appear to the enrollees. Since you don’t know when someone will sign up, this system tracks each enrollee individually so that they receive their emails on schedule,regardless of when other people sign up. It’s like having a private secretary to track all of the enrollments and mail outs!

You can opt to receive a notification each time someone signs up to take the online course.At any time you can log into your dashboard and see who is enrolled in your course, which e-mail they received and when they last heard from you.

Why would you want to offer an online course via e-mail? maybe you have a complex subject on which you need to educate prospects. Why not create a course with small commercials in each lesson? Maybe you delivered a great seminar and you now want to keep in touch with audience members.Why not create a series of reminder e-mails to be sent at regular intervals? Or maybe you want to offer an online course, but you’re not sure how well it will go over. Why not pilot some of the content with an online course via e-mail to test the market?

Remember that if you offer a weekly online course over seven weeks, you’ll want to keep the course active for several months. Coincidentally, you generally get a discount when you pay for several months in advance with one of the e-mail engines. So why not just add an online course via e-mail to your online strategy on an ongoing basis? You won’t be sorry. You’ll probably find yourself back starting a new course shortly!

Now that you understand the basics of an online course via e-mail, how could you use it? list at least three topics that would be good for an online course.Now take one of those topics and list the subject lines you’ll use for the six e-mails.

If you begin to think in terms of repurpose and reformat, you’ll begin to see the possibilities for marketing your business and expertise with information online.A tip is never just a tip-instead, it is part of a tips booklet, part of an article,part of an online course. An article is never just an article-it’s a potential e-mail lesson, a group of tips, and an ongoing advertisement for you.When you look at it that way- Your online course is worth a fortune.


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