How to brand yourself as a trendsetter

Brand Yourself as a Trendsetter

You can literally drive down the street in any town in America and see those successful businesses who became a trendsetter in their niche. Some, like Starbucks, have even gone further and make it a “culture” of followers. McDonald’s speedy food service reinvented the fast food market.

Trendsetter is the first one out the gate.

Be the trendsetter in your niche.

Like those highly successful entrepreneurs who saw a vision and acted on it, you need to do the same in your online and be a trendsetter in your niche. Looking into the future, making predictions and creating products based on your research and instinct into the future of the niche can boost your credibility and make you hot as a trendsetter.

Will you be the next trendsetter in your niche?

But only if you’re willing to expose your ideas without hesitation, fail forward and take risks with your branding trendsetter. Examine the needs and wants of your target audience. It’s important that you know what pleases your customers and what they long for in new products and ideas.

Keeping a close eye on what they’re saying in posts and blogs and what they’re offering on their sites can be a good way of getting the insight you need to look into the trendsetter future. If they’re complaining a lot, take it and run with it – be the solution they’ve been waiting for all along.

Be the trendsetter with new products to market.

Decide on being a trendsetter with new products. Based on your research and instincts, create products which is unique and one based on your customers’ ambitions and interest. Try to have an ear to the ground and do something before everyone else jumps on that bandwagon.

Then, deliver it in a way that covers all bases. Podcasts, forums, blogs, paid advertisements and launches with JVs and affiliates are all great ways to get the word out and they will see you as the coach that is a trendsetter for them. Update your sites and products. If you’ve been offering the same old stuff in the same old ways for too long, your sales likely show it.

Take an idea someone else is doing and turn it upside down. Do it different – better and the trendsetter motto will come your way. Respond to change. You may not see it coming, but when you realize the market is changing, change with it.

Not responding to change will leave you in the dust and you may never catch up just like Kodak,they did not willing to become a trendsetter in the digital age of film. Your business is ever-changing and evolving and keeping up with the latest trends is part of the fun and excitement of keeping it all fresh.

Don’t look at it as a chore,being a trendsetter is not a chore. Welcome it as a change of pace to keep you excited about things. Make a firm commitment to establish yourself a trendsetter in your niche and then set goals that will get you there.

Rising to the top of your niche and becoming a trendsetter who can see the future and help others get there is an imperative step in becoming a true authority figure in your niche. Develop the best product and best marketing strategies out there and continue to update as the trends dictate.

It’s a never-ending process. As other marketers get bored, lazy, or sloppy – you’ll be beating them hand over fist because you have that go getter attitude that makes you hungry for success and well known as a trendsetter.

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