How to begin Entrepreneurship

The first steps toward entrepreneurship.

1.Set up a company: evsm,LLC became my entrepreneurship business.

2.Train to become a speaker,coach,coaching training provided me with a powerful new set of tools and skills.

Key Steps to Entrepreneurship

3.Learn about social media marketing,information products,media,and publicity is a huge part of entrepreneurship.Set up social media accounts on Facebook,Twitter,Linked In,and others.

4.Build a basic website as a major communications vehicle to market your entrepreneurship business.

5.Publish a series of mini-blogs in both text and audio podcast that focus on:How to as an Author,Relationships,Happiness and Joy,Hope and Help,Faith and forgiveness,and living Your Values.They can be located on the web at

6.Reach out to others for joint ventures,connections,workshops,and networking opportunities.Partnership dramatically extends your reach.

7.Define a multi-tier product strategy beginning with a free e-book.Develop strategies to maximize and leverage your product line with books,CDs,audios,videos,teleclasses,and coaching programs for entrepreneurship.

8.Train on audio and video production and show hosting and set up the your talk show on blog talk radio,also have a channel on YouTube with a good entrepreneurship strong keyword title.

9.Build an interactive entrepreneurship community to share experiences and life lessons with like-minded people.

10.Develop an integrated marketing,communications,and publicity strategy.

11.Trademark your company slogan:Great Gifts,Great Talk,Great Guests on the hollischapmanshow.

12.Execute the business,marketing,and communication strategies and refine as needed.

My entrepreneurship business is my passion and is now elemental in my success.

If starting a business in not your thing,then i encourage you to seek out your passion so that you can find your joy now.

Find an activity that inspires you and that you truly enjoy.

Find an area where you are especially skilled.

Find an unmet entrepreneurship business need and go meet it.

If starting your own business or writing a book as a business lights your fire, then come on down and get dreaming and planning. If you’re not sure what direction to go in,here are a few questions for you to consider.

Entrepreneurship questions for a business start up.

What is your passion?

What is your strengths?

What have people always commended you on?

What are your interests?

What do you enjoy doing?

What gives meaning to your life?

Do you have role models doing the same thing?

Do you have a network of resources to tap into?

What would you be proud to accomplish?

How much time do you want to put in and for how long?

What level of risk is acceptable?

Can you delay gratification to survive the start up phase?

What business models would you consider?

Are you seeking consulting contracts?

Working  your entrepreneurship independently bother you.

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