How to beat the fear of Crohn’s Disease

Becoming healthy and wealthy in 2012

How to beat the fear of crohn’s disease on the hollischapmanshow.

Karen Langston is an author, mentor, coach, speaker and host of several health shows. In her role as an internationally recognized Nutritionist, she is getting the message out about crohn’s disease alternative and integrated medicine to empower others to take responsibility for their health. She received her education at the world-renowned Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada. And other credentials include Early Childhood Certification, Applied Holistic Nutrition, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Live Cell Microscopist, Capillary Puncture Technician, Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator, Soma Therapies and Functional Medicine. Karen is a member and board director for The National Association of Nutritional Professionals expert in crohn’s disease.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, and your book(s) new projects and Crohn’s disease.

I am a wife to the love-of-my-life who is so supportive of everything I do, and a mother, guide and coach to my 3 beautiful children and two crazy rambunctious cats with huge personalities, that keep me busy and on my toes. I have been working on many things over the past year and it looks like they are all coming together making 2012 already a success. I am launching a new health show that starts January 4th, I have released my Clean From Within Natural Program a couple of months ago and it was a huge success and can’t wait to have a group for the Spring session. I have been travelling the States working with companies helping them to implement health and wellness programs. I am working with a new company that is launching 2012 and will be their spokesperson which will be the highlight of my new year. And I have a book coming out in the early part of the year to help people with acute Flare-ups due to Crohn’s Disease which is my special project and close to my heart. I also want to start doing more speaking engagements to get out there inspire others to take responsibility for their health and how they can do that.

2. How to make this a joyful holiday even if you have Crohn’s disease?

The best way to make the holiday joyous is to let go of the commercialism and focus on what the holidays are really about; spending time with friends and family. Stop stressing about gifts for people that you may see once a year, instead make them something, or donate the money to their favorite charity for crohn’s disease. There are tons of charities out there can use your money. I had a friend donate money to purchase a goat for a family in 3rd world country. To me that was the best gift of all because that was something that could keep giving back over and over.

We need to spend less dollars on useless landfill gifts and focus more on building relationships with friends and family.

I have been blessed over the last couple of years, my children are now at an age where they are not caught up in Santa Clause and my husband and I proposed a new way to celebrate; we can either spend money on gifts that will end up under the bed,(and further keep them from communicating) or we can spend a week together and go somewhere. We all love the beach, and that is what we do, we go away and spend time together making memories which is the greatest gift that will last longer than any material present. The memory lasts for months after with my huband’s genious idea: We purchase postcards and then fill them out with what we did that day, and the last couple of postcards, written on our way back details the best parts of our trips. He then will mail those to the kids throughout the year. I love seeing the smile on their face when they read their postcard, and usually our night is filled talking about a trip that happened months ago. I just love it!

I love not being a part of the frenzied-stress of getting gifts off of people’s lists, the parking and everything else that goes with it.
It also allows me the gift of being able to give back to the community and donate to charities,and i also work with a crohn’s disease group.

3.Talk about your great crohn’s disease team, and how important it is to your company success to have a great team.
My team is virtual and I love it! I have a virtual assistant to help me with administration processes, and next year March my team will expand to having a couple of employees and I am looking forward to that as well. To me a successful team is one that is honest and able to communicate effectively in a positive environment. When you have a team all focusing on the same intentions it brings what you want really quickly so be prepared for that. I cannot be the talent of everything, so having a team with specific talents that complement the business will ensure its success. My new health show we talk a lot about crohn’s disease it comes out in January has a great team. My partner is a comedian who is important to me because I love to laugh, and to see others laugh along.
I wanted a place to record and give back, and that has fallen into place; We will be filming at Cup O Karma in Mesa which provides job-training opportunities for women participating in their SEEDs programs.
And 10% of advertisement and sponsorship from our show will go directly to Cup O Karma’s affiliation with NATN a nonprofit agency committed to addressing the health, safety, economic and social justice issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse through education, public awareness, and direct services that is working. So it feels really good to have the Universal team already happening!

3. Newsletter is one thing you use to market your health (crohn’s disease) and your business, what else do you do to market, why are they important?

I use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube. Facebook and Twitter I use to build relationships and get to know the people I am connected to. I love Twitter the most because I have had the luxury of not only making great relationships but meeting some in person-people I would never have met any other way and we have conversations about crohn’s disease. Linkedin is great for business building and getting yourself out there as a leader. And it is also a great place to learn more about my business. I belong to marketing, social media and video groups and I have learned so much to build my business.
I also use video to market and show a face with crohn’s disease my business and believe everyone needs to embrace this media. With Televisions now internet ready and people turning off their cable now is the time to position your channel whether it is Youtube, Vimeo, Posterous or your own self hosted site.
I use e-books, articles on my website and having my followers as questions about crohn’s disease I can answer and use on my website, social media and in my newsletter. This is a form of reverse marketing. Not only is powerful for getting you out there as an expert but engages your community and builds trust and rapport.

But most of all my biggest marketing strategy that has worked well for me is being authentic, real, honest, and just putting it out there and listening to others to see how well you can be even if you have crohn’s disease.
4. Crohn’s Disease what is it? why don’t we hear more about it? please share a little of your story.
Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory condition that is referred to as Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Men, women and children can be inflicted with Crohn’s disease at any time and affects all parts of the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus.
I was diagnosed at the age of 19 with crohn’s disease and missed the first month of College because I was in the hospital. I suffered for years with several surgeries, and complications and got to the point where I had had enough and wanted more out of life. The Universe brought me what I needed to heal my crohn’s disease.It was not easy and I finally got my complete “disease Free” from crohn’s disease colonoscopy and biopsy report last year and I am still thanking the Universe every day. I no longer have the disease. The reports found there was no evidence of Crohn’s disease, Colitis, Cancer, Polyps or Inflammation. I am thinking about having it framed and put with the rest of my diplomas and certificates! Just kidding
Because of that I am writing my personal book and that is taking a lot of time, however I cannot stand that so many are in so much pain because of crohn’s disease and will be releasing a mini book that is strictly for acute Flare-ups so that those who are suffering can not only get some relief, but hopefully it will spark a light to want more and say enough is enough! If I can feel this good today others can beat crohn’s disease, I want to feel this good every day. And they will want to continue their journey and find what they need to resolve the disease completely like I did.
The reason why you do not hear a lot about Crohn’s disease is because it was considered a psychological disease for years and in my opinion with the research I have done it did not become a physical disease until the pharmaceutical company could come out with a drug for it. You will be hearing a lot more about Crohn’s disease as the trend over the next year as drug patents come too, there will be a shift for pharmaceutical companies going from cardiovascular and cholesterol lowering drugs to autoimmune disease as there is more of a profit-how sad is that!. Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Crohn’s and Colitis are considered an auto immune disease as is Arthritis. The sad part is there are several what are considered “new” drugs coming out for Crohn’s, however most of them are just a flip of an old drugs molecule. And for this reason, I am getting out there and educating the masses on other modalities of health to help with crohn’s disease. I did not have a deficiency of prednisone 5 ASA, or Imuran, however I did have many nutrient deficiencies and whole lot of emotional baggage that I needed to unload to create wellness instead of dis-ease.
5. Share with us the importance of business balance and the stress of crohn’s disease.

Business Balance is probably the number priority in your life. You cannot devote your entire time to working, it is not healthy. You need to take me time, family time and vacation time. Me time is getting away from work, and going out with friends, taking up a class or sport or taking up a project that takes your mind off of work and allows you to focus in on the present moment.

You need to take time out for family, especially if you have kids. For the most part when I have all 3 kids at home I do not work but instead spend time with them, board games, just talking, watching movies. I really value that time as I get to check in, hear how they think, or just listen to their latest accomplishments. This is where I get to become a coach and a guide… If I was working all the time I would miss out on this opportunity to really be a part of their world.
Work will always be there but my kids won’t. And they grow so fast.
Vacation time is also important. You do not have to do an elaborate Caribbean cruise well I would but that is me. You can do stay-cations, spas, spend a night or a weekend in a luxury hotel and read a book. Whatever it is, it has to be done without interruption. This is when you really engage and recharge and create new ideas and inspirations that will probably excel your business. If you are burnt out all the time there is no room for creation… just dead energy.

7.Gives us some behind the scenes tips on how Karen opporate your business,ie start time,end time,daily,networking,marketing,advertiseing, how you share your crohn’s disease story.
I start my day early in the morning with a DVD workout and usually hit my computer by 7:00 am. I get caught up on the social media buzz, I send out my Happy Birthday’s for the day with some great videos I had done and then start my day on a high with feel good vibes. I am terrible with email and sometimes my inbox is so stuffed I have to vote it off the island for a couple of hours until I am in the right frame of mind to tackle it.
I am always looking for stuff to write about and have several google alerts to keep up on the latest buzz on medical and natural research. When I am on the road I always extend my time there so that I can visit the grocery stores and helth food stores, and collect all of the local magazines and see what their vibe and buzz is. And of course I take in a tour and get a good feel for the city.

I usually end my working day about an hour before my oldest daughter gets home, start dinner and chat We both chat about our days and if it is a Monday night (I know this is crazy-but I am hooked) we watch Gossip Girl. That is about the extent of my TV watching. Then she goes off does her homework, and I prepare for the next day. Before I go to sleep I spend some time saying my thanks for my niversal gifts and that which I am grateful for that day, and send out my prayers of healing to those who may need it. If I am dealing with a dilemma, I state it to the Universe and have it worked on while I sleep and they always seem to favorably dissolve.
8.Physician Office Wait Times Are Longest in South Why is this?
According to a new report by Vitals Southerners have a 23.5 minute Dr office wait on average with Mississippi’s wait 25.06 minutes. One report commented that there problem has been exacerbated by “bed blocking” which is basically elderly taking up beds because there are no suitable facilities available in the community. What comes to mind are two things; Mississippi is still recovering from the hurricane from a couple of years ago and many residents did not come back (how many of them were in the medical profession?), and buildings are still needing to be built and repaired and I am not sure how that affects medical buildings but I am sure that has an impact.
And in general, usually when there is a poll for the fattest state or the unhealthiest state in the USA it is typically a southern state, so that means there are probably more people suffering with complications of obesity such as cardiovascular issues, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, and diabetes which would require spending more time at the doctor’s office.
9. FREE Tips for a Healthier Life and improving from crohn’s disease.
Live life, be in the present moment and let go of crap that is no longer serving you and forgive and move on! Those are the true tips of a successful healthier life. We have all been given the gift and freedom to choose what we want. You can blame others for your circumstances but when you point that finger at another or the communities, or the economy, take a look at how many fingers are pointing back at you! You have the power to choose healthier foods, you have the power to choose how you treat your disease, you have the power to educate yourself and learn new ways, and you have the power to feel happy and live life to the fullest. You may be in circumstances beyond your control, so you think, you do however have the power to your thoughts and motivations. You have you and you know what is best for you.. so love yourself, respect yourself and do what feels right for you.

10. Final comment: For what do you want to be remembered professionally?
I want to be remembered as someone who took action and made a difference. I want to be remembered as the one who lit the candle of inspiration in another and they took action because of it.i had no idea how powerful that can be. I was working with a Chef who had diabetes. I was coaching him to bring down his A1C scores. We were only two weeks into the protocol and got them down by 2 points and he not only quit working with me, he got out of the pastry business and is currently in school to become a holistic coach and nutritionist-what an honour! I want to be remembered for the mistakes I have made as it fuelled my success. I want to be remembered as the crazy granola crystal pusher (as I am sometimes called) or “that bitch-who-does-she-think-she-is “ who cured herself of Crohn’s disease.
I will thank you and close the show.

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