How to beat the Age Barrier

How to beat the Age barrier when you are over 50 and out of work.Finding a new job isn’t easy.It can be especially hard for people over age 50 because of age discrimination.Employers tend to believe younger candidates are more familiar with new technology,and they can pay younger employees less.

It takes people over age 50 nearly 40% longer to find new jobs as those under 35.The age Discrimination in Employment act of 1967 is intended to protect most people age 40 and older from discrimination in hiring,layoffs,salary,promotion,getting new contracts,and training.

The best strategy is to outsmart age discrimination.Here’s how..

Confront technology-skills sterotypes head-on.Mention technological expertise during interviews.On your resume,list computer programs you know or any special certifications you may have.

Example, Facebook,SEO,Squeeze page,Autoresponder,Video marketing,ranking on browsers.

Select appropriate companies and industries.Visit the companies online to get a sense of its culture.If it dosen’t feel like a good fit,look elsewhere.The technology,telecommunications and advertising sectors tend to favor younger hires.You may look at starting your own business in those sectors.An older job applicant in these industriesĀ also look at being a consulant.

Each year,AARP compiles a list of the top companies for older workers.To see the most recent list go to

Industries with the best opportunities now include health care,online marketing and retail.

Dress for success.Match the culture your’re hoping to join.

Show flexibility. Be willing to try new ideas.

Self-defense.A resume that reflects a range of positions and changing responsibilites.

Example: Mention occasions when you implemented cutting-edge strategies.

Play the role of possibilities thinker in interviews.Mention a possible scenario,and run through the company’s options should it actually occur.

Don’t abbreviate your resume- contrary to standard advice.Some older applicants include only their most recent experience.Let your resume run two or three pages.Don’t try to hide your age by withholding employment dates.Emphasize how your experience can help the firm deal with problems.

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