How to be Recruiting Like A Pro

How to be Recruiting Like A Pro

Recruiting is Like any other industry, you will need to learn some skills in order to grow the business and achieve success. The more you learn about recruiting and all its elements the more likely you will build great residual income for you and your family. In order to make this work, you have to work past the three common elements: prospecting, presentation and duplication. But like many business owners, you may find yourself with a large number of recruits who are doing, well, nothing.

Recruiting other like minded entrepreneurs.

Recruiting the right way can make you self made.

How To Help recruiting with our method.

Unfortunately for many small business, the quick solution to this problem is recruiting more people, and this rarely solves the problem; so you may find yourself operating on that principle of “get them in the front door faster than they leave out the back”.

Want to know more about the recruitment process?

In order to get anywhere,recruiting marketers need to acquire posture or confidence. Far too many recruiting agents find themselves rolling out the red carpet for their prospects and doing all sorts of favors. The problem with this strategy is it sends the wrong message because who really wants to work with a wimp? Everyone wants to work with a confident, inspiring character; someone who’s ready to go where no one has dared before.

Are you getting a positive response from your recruiting system

This does not mean faking people out; its more about creating an image that gets you a positive response from your recruiting prospects. If you want to be followed as a leader, then you may have to act the part. Of course this doesn’t mean you can go out and hire people indiscriminately, you still have to consider the type of person you recruit.

How many of your recruits quit right after signing up? It could be due to the fact that you haven’t perfected your process but you can work on it. When going into the cold competitive market, connecting with people will be tougher than you can imagine but there are things you can do to break the ice.

I mentioned using recruiting posture when talking to people. Posture is crucial when you’re trying to establish yourself as an authority on a subject but it shouldn’t be used exclusively. When talking to people, try being attentive and smile more. This will change the tone of your voice and add to the effect of your words.

If you have to make cold calls then you have to control the way your voice sounds to the other party and find a quick way to build rapport. One of the ways you could do this is to find something you have in common with the prospect and use it as a basis to connect with them.

Conduct a little basic research before calling people and find out something you two have in common, if you can’t find a starting point then use your recruiting posture to create a comfortable environment by easing into the conversation.

It doesn’t hurt to expose the business to as many people as you can, but that can be exhausting if you’re just swinging for the numbers. When you come face-to-face with a prospect, you have to see things their way in order to present them something they find interesting. In order to get there and recruit like a pro, use these tips:

What’s in it for me? It doesn’t matter how excited you are about a product or a business idea, if the other person doesn’t see how they benefit from it, then you are just wasting time. Find out how your plan could benefit your recruiting prospect and you’ll get their attention.

Ask to use their first name. When answering questions, refer to them by their first name but remember not to overuse their name. Questions will work for you both. The prospect might bombard you with questions at the start but you don’t have to discuss every aspect of the business at the first encounter. Certain questions when directed to a prospect tend to yield the right responses: for instance, “If you had financial freedom, how much more time would you have for your family?”

Take a team member with you. You might hit a few obstacles if you come off as a lone ranger working in a difficult industry. If the recruiting prospects think what you’re doing is too tough or scary, you might lose out. When you bring your sponsor with you it gives them some comfort because they have to do some recruiting in the future and they would feel better with a team member next to them.

Don’t get too desperate. At some point you will get desperate and a little frustrated when people don’t sign off immediately but for the sake of your image, try not to show it.- Don’t argue with prospects. You can’t always see things eye-to-eye with prospects.Recruiting prospects has had its fair share of misfortunes especially when unscrupulous individuals develop clever methods to rip people off.

Some of this negativity has made it more challenging to recruit people, and you will come across people with reservations about the concept of recruiting. When that happens, don’t waste time trying to get them on your side, just move on.

What are some of the challenges people face when recruiting? One of the main problems is the fact that every recruiting prospect wants to avoid pain, indulge in pleasure and find the path with the least resistance and sail all the way to Financial Freedom.

The idea here is that you can find three people in your own little network of friends and
family, recruit them and have those three people find three more people each and so on; gradually building the business empire you deserve. It’s a cute idea but you know in order to successfully build an empire you will need a solid plan and some self-discipline.

It would help if you set up your mind to work hard before getting into this business because that’s how it’s done. Program your mind this way:

Numbers don’t lie and you will need to talk to many people.- A huge number of your recruits will drop out faster than you can say training program. When you do finally get a few people working under you, they will more than likely to pull off 50% of what you do right and 100% of what you do wrong.

If you haven’t had your best recruit quit on you, then you haven’t been in the business long enough. These people working under you have to be inspired by you. Chances
are they won’t all put in 100% dedicated so don’t give them a reason to drop out. If they see you stop recruiting directs, can you guess what will happen?
Why personal recruiting is still a big problem It should be perfectly clear by now that personal recruiting is the most crucial skill set for this business. It determines to a large extent the success of the business but most people still struggle with it. Why is this?

Because of the nature of personal recruiting, we can assume that some of the reasons people fail to recruit boil down to fear.  But it doesn’t end there. When you speak to some of the more successful network marketers, they will tell you they struggled with the same problems but at some point decided the real reason they failed was laziness.

While we can empathize with a single parent who has to juggle between two jobs and a host of bills, but these reasons will not get you any closer to your goals and in order to see change, you will have to give more of yourself.
9 out of 10 reps are lazy and operate on a self-fulfilling prophesy that says “I can’t do it”.
Train yourself to recruit on command you should start by working on your mind. Getting others to believe in you will be more challenging if you haven’t quite learnt how to believe
in yourself.

You can work on your mind and mold it to be what you want by practice. Think of your mind as a glass of water, and your negative thoughts as dirt or grime in the water, now you want to clean your thoughts but can’t really empty your brain, but you can pour in
clean water consistently- positive reaffirming thoughts, emotions and images- until the water gets clean.
As you continue training yourself some of the more common fears and obstacles will clear out and you will get to a place where nothing limits your potential to recruit. Just do what you know you should be doing. A healthy attitude looks like this when it come to Recruiting .
I’ve done this before and it worked!

It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought!

If I did it once I can do it again!

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