How Secure Are Your Children?

We need more education for children safty.

More eduction in our school system.

1.Tell us a little about yourself and your new book what should we do for children.


My Name is Melinda Reynolds Tripp, I am a Safety Educator, Author, Speaker and Children Advocate.

I have taught children for 33 years, beginning in preschool settings, through 16 years of elementary
experience and now through School Situational Safety assemblies for Children.
When I could no longer meet the demand for assemblies, school superintendents asked if I could attempt to have my children work published.


Tate Publishing, We want to save the Nation’s children”

Tate published my book in July 2010.  It is a book for parents and Teachers to help them teach children a easy to use safety plan in case they have to deal with people with bad behavior.
2. Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-first Century,please share with us your thoughts!
 Children can be armed with information that will make them aware of their surroundings, tech them what good behavior looks like, feels like.
The same with bad behavior.  It is not what someone looks like or thier relationship to you that explains if they are good or bad it is what they say and do.

3.Children walking home from school,it is hard for us to allow this know,What is wrong with people?
 Children are taught safety I hope that each child who begins by walking with friends, will have the awareness and confidence to walk alone as an adult ,safely.
I will tell you about the young woman who walkied into the salon I was in, plorring down with Green and Gold Nail color.  I looked up smiling and asked Hilmar?
(school colors)  she said no she was all about the Packers!  I introduced myself and she said she remembered me, she said, ” still use the lighthouse walk”.
Looking both ways on my way back to my car at college……..she was nine the day she heard me speak at a school assembly.  Children can learn to be safe for a lifetime.

4.Back in the day,children could not wait to walk home from school with our friends,so different now.
Not so different now. Bad adults have always been out there. Children are now kept inside, because parents do not have the tools they need to keep thier children safe.
Going to the park with your kids is great but if they can play with thier friends safely, that is wonderful also.  They need to be aware of the behavior of others, what is permissable, and what is not.
An adult should not ask a child to help them, that is against the rules….they should not try to take them, hurt them or touch them where their bathing suit covers.
An aware child knows the difference between telling the neighbor, running by,  which way their dog ran…….. and  a stranger asking them to help find his dog……..there is a big difference.

5.Playing at the park the same thing,you have to go to the park with  your children,or make them stay home.
  Children should have safe places to play with their friends as long as all have had situational safety education and feels comfortable, saying no to a uncomfortable situation, running and telling a safe adult…..whether  they are lost, or afraid.

6.A simple children plan is their best defense,share some tips with us.
A man attempts to pick up a child in a store and leave with them, the child know this is bad behavior, and begins to yell” YOU ARE NOT MY DAD!” The good people who are everywhere should be prepared at all times to help a child, or anyone who is in need  and trying to save themselves.  The child covers the man’s eyes and continues yelling, and begins the swimmers kick, and as soon as she/he is put down runs to a safe adult, a store cashier works well, as they can call for the parents.
7.Your thoughts on this story.The social worker who delivered the two boys to the father who ultimately blew their home apart killing them all, what clues did they miss? What clues did the judge who ordered the visit miss ? Children taught to listen to their instincts, may have been prepared to talk to their safe adults just as they had been talking to their grandparents.

These boys were just beginning to remember and discuss
the night their mother vanished.  Still under investigation.  Grandparents had reason to not allow the father near the kids.  Lots more will be coming out about this sad story.

8.What made you write the book safty for children? who needs to buy the book?
When my daughter’s best friend in 6th grade was in an attempted kidnapping I look everywhere for curriculum for situational safety. Finding none, I wrote my own in  1994.

9.Share with us how you are marketing your book? What was your first book signing like for you?
Tate Publishing, Amazon, Speaking Engagements, Community And State encouragement, through the school system. Interest from Costco, they too are interested in saving the Nation’s children.
10.Final comment:What’s on your “Bucket List?” Top 5 things

you’d still like to do? ways to help children

1)I would like  children to have the tools for situational safety. 2) I would like the opportunity to speak at Educational and 3) Parent forums
4)I would like to take my message to radio and television children forums and then.
5) To pass a law  that  children in the United States be given Situational Safety lessons as part a standard education.

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