How Identifying Your Audience is the key.

How Identifying Your Audience is the key

Once you have a Facebook page set up, the next step is to identify your audience. Not only does Facebook allow you to reach more people, you can reach the specific group of people that are more likely to become your customers.

Audience builder from day one.

Target your audience for engagement.

In order to connect with your target audience you should consider what your ideal customers have in common, how old they are and where they live, and how your business can help them. You also want to consider whether a particular group would be more interested in targeted messages, services or products or maybe a timely offer or sale.

SOCIAL MEDIA AUTHORITY is our audience guide.

In order to build your audience you will need to encourage your current customers and supporters to like your new page. These are the people that are more likely to see your posts throughout their news feed. It is also a good idea to explore the options under the build audience button:

Invite your Friends: this is the way to let the people that you know about the page so that they will be able to offer their support by liking it. This initial audience will help establish your credibility and spread the word about the page.

Your audience will help build your credibility

Share the page: make sure that you like your page yourself and that you share it with your friends. You will need to be a spokesperson for your company.  Invite business contacts: upload a list and send people an email to let them know about the new page.

It is important to remember that it is not about the number of likes your page has, but rather about genuinely connecting with people. If you take the time to connect they are going to help you tell your story and grow your business.

Creating Compelling Content for your audience

Now that you have set up your Facebook page it is time to make your business come alive on the page. When you post photos, updates, and other content you should really think about what your readers will find inspiring and interesting. How are you going to talk to them? What do you want to consistently communicate about your company?

It is important to experiment with different types of posts in order to find out what works and what does not work. Does your audience prefer pictures or useful links? Using Page Insights ( will help you determine which of your posts are doing the best with your audience.

When creating content it is important to be authentic. If you are sharing things that you are excited about, your customers are likely to be excited as well. It is also important to be responsive. When a person comments on your posts make sure that they know that your business is listening. If you need to take more time to find the answer to a audience question, respond that you are looking into it.
It is also important to be consistent. Posting regularly will provide you with the most opportunity to connect with people and build trust. You can set a schedule for your posts in order to maximize your time.

Consider what works and continue to do it. When you have a successful post, turn it into a successful promotion. When a specific post is receiving a lot of engagement, promote it in order to reach more people. When a person likes, comments on, or shares your post, their friends will be able to see it as well.

Remember, in order to be successful you will need to create posts and ads that are interesting and valuable for your audience. It is also important to target your posts so that the right people are seeing them.

Facebook Ads To Grow Your Audience

Once you have started to connect with your customers, the next step is to find other people who are likely to be interested in the products or services that you offer. Facebook ads are a good way to get the right message to the right people at a time when they are open to discovering your business.
An ad can be created from the admin panel of your Facebook page in order
to engage more people. You can also use the ad create tool (

Once you have built up a community for your page, use ads in order to target the friends of the people that already like you. This is a natural way to grow your presence using a word of mouth technique.
It is important to target a specific audience with different ads. You can create different ads in order to target different audiences. A person is more likely to respond to a message that has been created for them. Measure, Test And Track.
There are many different tools available through Facebook to help you measure how well your page is doing. Page insights is one of the main SOCIAL MEDIA AUTHORITY ways to see how your page is performing and you should use this on a regular basis in order to look for trends so that you can develop more of the content that is performing the best.

When using page insights look at the age, gender, and location of the people that are the most engaged with the page so that you will be able to continue to engage with them using promoted posts and targeted ads.

Try out different images for your ads and headlines to determine what works. Facebook automatically optimizes your campaign so that the majority of your budget will go to the ad that is providing the best performance.

When people call or email your company make sure that you ask how they heard about you. Make sure that you track the results as this will provide you with supplemental data for the tools that are on Facebook so you can continue to grow your audience.

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