How do you set about creating new ideas?

How do you set about creating  new ideas that you think might be effective,successful,or profitable?

I use two different methods to come up with new ideas.

Ultimate goal is turn prospects into life long paying customers.

One is to start with a blank sheet of paper and then just jot ideas down as they pop into my head. The second is to list a variety of things from marketing techniques to sales strategies to whatever and then to draw lines from one item to another and see what i can do with the combinations.

In order to come up with new ideas I think you have to strike a delicate balance.

First,you need to have a storehouse of information related to the topic you’re brainstorming about.You can build up your own storehouse by reading everything you can in that specific field.

When it comes to actually creating new ideas,you have to empty your mind of preconceived ideas about what can work and what is acceptable.Then let your mind start creating connections with all your stored information,sit back,sip your beverage of choice,and see what ideas pop up.

In the case of my unique marketing strategy,100 websites call to action videos for my internet talk show guests.That immediately spawned a host of ideas on how to develop a very strong call to action message that would benefit our guests and the hollischapmanshow.

The hollischapmanshow develops the videos,it allows the guests to offer their books or service and a free consultation in the customer leaves their name and email address.The only other requirement is for the show guest to visit the video on the Google page weekly so as the video stays on page 1 or moves up the page.

The traffic and prospect generator will spawn new ideas.

This consists of mass market advertising through videos which is aimed at your true target market.The ideas from these videos creates leads for you 24/7,and introduces them to your Marketing Pipeline.

With new ideas on your videos you will need two things:Capture pages and advertisements.

Capture page ideas:

This is typically a small,very simple website that is designed to capture your prospect’s contact information in exchange for something of value such as an audio,video,or ebook.

Advertisements ideas:

learning how to write truly effective,impulse producing,direct response ads that can cut through the enormous amount of marketing noise on the internet today is an art form.

Ideas marketing pipeline:

How would you like to make more money from more of your prospects automatically,hands free,24/7.

The call to action ideas videos is designed to monetize all of the leads that said no to your book or primary business for you automatically.

Once they’ve opted into anyone of your ideas system capture pages,put them in your auto-responder system and let the magic happen.

The ideas videos ultimate goal is to turn your prospects into life long paying customers for you.


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