How do you search people

How do you search people online-There are several ways that people will find you and your content online.

How do you search people

Do your 10 x 10 x 4 videos

One way is search engines,which rely primarily on rich keywords and effective search engine optimization(SEO).How do you search people and utilize this method, you must first identify what words or topics people are looking for.

How do you search people- you must have the I’ve Seen You Out There”(ISYOT)effect

.If people have seen your name on multiple sites or from multiple source,it indicates you as somebody who is prevalent in your field.The ultimate goal is to have people tell you,”You’re everywhere!”

The ISYOT Effect can help with how do you search people because they will see you on different internet sites,establishing awareness and popularity.

Another way in how do you search people is through social ubiquity.Social networks are tremendously important,but only if they are used as of a strategic ubiquity footprint,and not just social for social’s sake.Similarly,you may use the help of affiliates and joint venture partners to reach an audience.

Finally,how you search people with paid traffic is another excellent way to bring people to your site-though it may seem counter intuitive, given that there are so many other ways to bring attention to your content that are free of charge. The truth is, if you get to a point in your business where you know the conversion rates in your sales funnel and you can calculate how much revenue each click will bring you, paid traffic can be an excellent investment. For example,if you know that every time somebody visits your site it will generate $2 for your business,would you be willing to pay $1.50 per click?

How do you search people with our 10 x 10 x 4 ubiquitous video distribution related to the specific terms that people are searching for. This consists of creating a unique set of 24 videos, and then placing the videos on every site or search engine that exists on the web. The ultimate goal is that wherever people go to ask questions concerning your topic of expertise, your videos will be there to answer their questions. These short videos are the first step to getting your content in thousands of places, allowing people to learn about you,and leading them to your expert site. An extra benefit to creating these videos is that they make excellent content for your first book.

How to Create Your 10 x 10 x 4

Grab a Camera.Chances are that your phone has a good camera that can record a video of sufficient quality.However, there are many cameras that are under $100 that take beautiful high definition video.

Answer the questions. The content for your videos will consist of you answering 20 questions: What are the top 10 questions that people ask you(Frequently Asked Questions)? And, what are the top 10 questions that people should ask you (Should Ask Questions)?Together,these 10 FAQs and 10 SAQs will make up 20 of the 24 video that make up your 10 x 10 x 4. The final four videos will walk through the opt-in process.

Remember it’s About the content,Not the Production. At the beginning of this module, you learned that the goal of positioning yourself is to get people to know,like,and trust you-not be impressed with your video production skills. Concentrate on choosing the best FAQs an SAQs and answering them honestly and accurately in front of the camera.

Use Screencasting if Necessary.If you’re camera shy, you can use a method called screencasting to capture a video of your computer screen,and avoid stepping in front of the camera altogether. You can use the program Screenflow for the Mac or Camtasia for the PC to record your video.Using video to how do you search people is an ideal way to get people to know,like and trust you.

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