Household budgeting interview with Diane Tegarden

How to get a handle on your household budgeting.

1. Household Budgeting on a Dime- 10 Steps to Financial Independence.

I’m a highly motivated person who takes household budgeting very serious-I  have owned various businesses over the years; a security alarm installation company for 10 years; a solar energy system installation company for 9 years; and my publishing company, which has been in business since 2004.

Household Budgeting on a Dime- 10 Steps to Financial Independence.

Household budgeting

You have to control your spending

 Is my 4th publication to date, which is a self help book that will help people learn to manage their finances, and live within their means.

2.Why did you write household budgeting the  book? who is it meant for?

I wrote the book to help people start to learn about their own household budgeting and their financial picture.  Figure out how much they spend and how to reduce some of those expenditures so that they can begin to dig their way out of debt. After they are debt free, they can use the money they used to spend on credit cards and excessive spending habits, to build a savings account, a vacation account, an account to pay for education, or whatever else they dream about!3.Take Control of Your household budgeting-in these tough times- how do we get started?
The first thing you must do in order to control household budgeting, is to be completely honest about where the money is being spent. There are several ways to do this, one is to reconcile your bank statement at the end of each month. After a few months, start to track the amount of money going to various expenses: utilities, food, clothing, car payments, gas, upkeep on cars, insurances, out of pocket medical expenses, luxuries, etc.Once you know where the money is going, the book will explain how to cut down/reduce  your household budgeting expenses in all of these areas.

4.Share some household budgeting tools with us.

1. Pay off credit cards (Chap 4 of my book deals with eliminating credit card debt).
2. Use coupons for food, gas, big money items (appliances), movies, dining out, etc. Many people think coupons are a nuisance/waste of time, but I’ve gotten 
1/2 off meals, reductions on gifts/presents, toiletries, entertainment and office supplies, just by clipping coupons. You can also sign up for online e-clubs and get the coupons transferred electronically to your membership cards, so you won’t have to carry around the coupons with you.
3. Learn how to reduce your utilities with low cost fixes and energy conservation (Chapter 3 is on reducing expenses in almost every area of your life.)
5.what is household budgeting? does it mean just pay your bills,no vacations,no trips with the family etc.
I define Budgeting in two parts; the first one is to figure out how much money you need per month, then find out how much money you spend per month. The amount of money you are short every month is the amount you need to reduce from your spending habits.Once, you can comfortably pay your bills, then start a savings account (for emergencies), then once have you have accomplished the first two steps, then and only then you can start saving for that dream vacation!6.If a emergency comes up,how do you handle it.Do you have any tips? what bills do we pay first?Obviously, the first thing to do is pay for the emergency expense, if you have good credit, that’s what it’s there for…emergencies. Next, pay your rent, utilities and insurances, if you can. Other expenses will have to wait, as well as luxury items, at a time like this.7.How important is credit when it comes to your household  budgeting? Is it good to have credit?
Good credit is an important tool in your financial picture because: employers can access your credit report to decide whether to hire you…or not; car dealerships decide the interest rate on your loan depending on your credit scores; if you’re looking to buy a home, a clean credit score is essential; last but not least, if you have an emergency, whether medical, a car accident, or a major appliance breaks and needs to be replaced or repaired, you can use your credit cards (sparingly) to pay for these emergencies, then pay back the money on a monthly plan.8.How do you budget for retirement?
Planning for retirement includes taking into account your projected social security incomelife insurance accounts, 401(k), IRAs, annuities, and possibly a home based business. Financial planners, insurance agents or retirement specialists can help you to see the entire picture, and plan for various scenarios.
9. For what do you want to be remembered professionally?
I’d like to be remembered for the integrity of the information I provide (in my self help books) and for the excellent entertainment I offer via my imaginative sci-fi novel and poetry books and helping families with their household budgeting needs.
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