Home base business model.

Your home base business needs to consist of three overlapping parts where the network itself comes last instead of first.

This entire business process can be summed up as this,expose,involve,upgrade.


Home base business

Each part will expose the reader to more information about the business product,service,or company.It will involve them at greater levels as they become a customer,and each product will then sell the next product or stage in the process.

Part A: You need a low-cost,(under$50),high volume business retail product that funds your advertising,erases your expenses,and produces a never-ending source of leads for your business.This is also referred to as an Self- Liquidating-offer.

Your business retail product back-ends(sells) Part B and /or C

Part B: This business product is medium to high cost($75-$1,500)back end that puts real cash in your pocket. (This may also be a Fast Start bonus that is usually paid out by a company for new customers/reps). This is your monthly bread and better cash profit that you can use to pay the bills,invest,etc.

Part B sells Part C

Part C: is business marketing opportunity that creates long term, leveraged residual income through the monthly small recurring purchases made by a substantial distribution channel.(Your down line organization).

The mistakes i made,and other new people in this industry make is they start with Part C,which is why they end up spending themselves out of the business. The average person can’t create cash fast enough to pay for their expenses or learning curve, let along create a full time income!

Retailing an SLO business product is the critical and often missing link in network marketing business. It’s where your seed money is generated that funds your business growth until the back end residual from your business starts to payoff.

My tip to you reading this is do not try and retail the actual product of your business in a major way unless it is a weight loss product.Why? Because you can’t market 90% of health products through direct response/direct mail.If you could, your company wouldn’t need you.

Please understand this Part A,B,C, model is used everywhere in the real world.

Just take a look at the car business.(I just bought a new truck),Think the dealers and manufacturers make all their money with the cars they sell?Nope!

The car is just an excuse and one small cog in the system which then sells you financing,floor mats, insurance,and extended warranty,etc.

This network model is used by McDonald’s,Subway,Las Vegas.They all get you into their business with low end products,hoping you buy the high end products when they have a relationship with you.

There are five components/machines needed to build a complete network model:

1.The traffic & Prospect Generator

This consists of mass-market advertising through any media type,(postcards,classifieds,pay per click,social media,display ads,etc.),Which is aimed at your true target market.This army of ads creates leads for you 24/7, and introduces them to Part 2.

Part 2.The network marketing pipeline.

This system serves several purposes. The first is to capture the attention and time of your prospects by providing valuable information that is of true benefit to them(NOT YOU) This keeps them in the pipeline.It is important to note that these components run by themselves without your direct involvement through technology,The most common example is an email auto responder. Second,this marketing campaign should position you as an Alpha Leader,that who we are looking for to work with us.You will be seen a expert,instead of as a salesman.

Third, it should market,promote,and induce the sale of an inexpensive retail product,(your SLO),through direct response marketing. This is the sales letter,which points to the cash register,which takes the order for you.

3.The cash register.

This is the online or offline order processing system that produces retail cash,and creates retail business customers 24/7. This money helps pay for your advertising-so you can afford to keep advertising,not to make a profit.

4.The retail product.

The business retail product your system markets should be intimately connected with your opportunity. It should sell the opportunity for you,or rather,it should induce the customer to sell themselves.

5.Your Direct marketing business.

This is your home base business and this is your long-term residual income is created and leadership development takes place.

When doing this business process,your personal job is to drive traffic into the machine, and build a relationship with prospects and retail customers! the system does all the selling and telling for you.

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