Hollis Chapman joint venture with Boomers

Hollis Chapman and the Boomer Nation Radio Show

Through a unique and positive partnership, between the Boomer Nation Radio Show, and Hollis Chapman, we are going to be able to bring Boomer Nation to the listening public in the fall. The name Hollis Chapman may sound familiar to you, for he did an excellent interview with me about the book, for his radio network. He like many respected radio hosts and radio production people are part of Blog talk Radio. I think you listened to the interview and had a positive reaction. As you know, I have had an association with Boomer Nation, and I am proud to help bring the show to a national audience, and be part of the broadcast.

Hollis Chapman and boomers

Hollis Chapman growth with join venture.

Hollis Chapman expand his reach with a joint venture.

I would like Today’s Senior Magazine involved in the enterprise. First, at no cost to you, I would like the Boomer Nation Radio show, to have a title sponsor lead in—reading as followed….The Boomer Nation Radio Show brought to you by Today’s Senior Magazine, featuring the The Baby Boomer Corner—

Hollis Chapman looking for authors-Speakers-expert Boomers

What I would like to do with your leadership—is to then go to the Today’s Senior Magazine advertisers, through a partnership with you–where by–the magazine advertisers can be offered the opportunity to advertise on the hollischapmanshow to be a companion piece to there magazine advertising, for a small additional fee….We woulld return a postion of that revenue back to you as part of a collaborative working relationship. Thus, Today’s Senior Magazine would have an additional revenue source, to support the advertising inc

Hollis Chapman will be  posting on his blog and social network and sending e-mails to the addresses on the show list, we will promote Senior Magazine and Boomer Nation Radio.  Maintain focus on the very thing that boomers are  interested in the first place. When you stray too far from the topic of interest, boomers will start skipping over what you send them.

Hollis Chapman will be marketing your senior magazine and Boomer Nation Radio show to his audience,we will make a few side mentions of other guests coming on the show. If you do mention something on the side, Using proper paragraphing can achieve this effect. Additionally,Hollis Chapman will be  inserting these extra bits in footer sections as well.

Everybody loves free stuff – Call into the hollischapmanshow at 646-595-4326 for some free stuff.The hollischapmanshow is every Sunday at 10 AM PST.

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