Grow Your Business by Discovering a Mentor

Are you looking for a mentor who can advise you and enable you to become wiser and more
effective in business?  Here are 5 ways to discover a mentor. 

  1. Experts Who Inspire You
    Study the knowledge of experts with similar beliefs as you. Identify individuals whose
    values and accomplishments you most admire.
  2. Find Your Role Model
    Look for someone who is not only famous or successful, but who has a reputation for
    character and solid principles. Look for someone you can admire and respect as well as
  3. Look For Someone with Different Traits Than You
    Seek out people who have strengths that you lack.  For example, if you are shy and
    introverted, seek out someone who is bold and outgoing. Find a mentor who will challenge
    you to acquire new skills and strengths.
  4. Be Open to Finding Mentors Everywhere
    Mentors can be anyone who has something to teach you. You’ll discover mentors in your
    community, through books, audio programs, seminars and movies.
  5. Make Personal Contact
    Most highly successful people are more approachable than you may think. They are
    usually open and eager to share their wisdom and experience with others. If you don’t
    ask – you’ll never know.

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