Goal and deadlines go hand in hand marketing.

Goal and deadlines go hand in hand.

 Goal alive and enticing through time, one must be strong and have the courage to persevere against all odds. Our goal are easier to achieve than others and some are just not worth the effort after a few false starts.

To ensure a goal does not end up in the latter category here are some tips worth considering and perhaps following.

Goal for Heidi Raye

Be completely and convincingly sure of what the goal is. Be sure and clear minded about the goal, shows the focused energy that has been harnessed in order to conceptualize the goal.

Constantly imagine the end results as envisioned and relive it daily in the mind’s eye. This further resolves the commitment to strive to reach the goal as the picture is already part of the conscious and subconscious.

Goal commitment and  your conscious

Talk about the goal constantly and in detail as visualized in the mind’s eye. Talking about the goal helps at some level to bring about the feeling of victory as if the goal has already been achieved. The brain is already ready for the body to experience the victory of reaching the goal.Surrounding one’s self with like minded people is also a good way to get the mental and physical support needed to see the goal become a success. The passion from others along with one’s own has tremendous positive power and energy.

Surrounding one’s self with constant reminders of the goal helps to keep the mind focused and also ensuring there are no other distractions to cause the individual to waiver in the resolve to reach the goal.

Goal with constant reminders

Sometimes getting outside help in the form of a professional motivator may be needed. These motivators can assist in keeping the motivation levels at its peak and also organize the individual schedules to ensure the time line for the goal is not disrupted.

There are cases where the goal ceases to exist after this stage. Many reasons may contribute to this strange phenomenon. However there are ways to ensure this does not happen.

The goal has been picked. The action plan all mapped out. Now all that is left is to put everything into action. These steps seem so simple but for some people it can be quite daunting and overwhelming.

There are cases where the goal ceases to exist after this stage. Many reasons may contribute to this strange phenomenon. However there are ways to ensure this does not happen.

Setting a standard for the performance working towards the goal is the first positive step to take. This will ensure the tracking is done from the very onset of the venture.

At every juncture it would be wise to get feedback on the progress or method being used. This is to help gauge it’s the legitimacy of the method used and to unsure it is in line with the needs required to reach the intended goal.

At this point it would be easy to analyze what motivates the team or individual to keep steadfast towards achieving the goal. Armed with this information, incentives geared along the lines of the information analyzed could further motivate and increase efforts to reach the goal.

Having all the strategies to be used clearly understood by all those involved in reaching the goal is important. Having good strategies but no understanding of its workings will not only be useless it will also hinder the progress.

Any extra support both mental and physical that is needed to see the success of the goal should be identified and arranged. This support is vital as a back up to whatever area it serves. Having additional support also never hurt and can further motivate the participants in their quest to reach the goal.

Keeping to schedules that have been drawn up to the beginning of the venture is important to keep the project on track. A good action plan should include all of the above.

Everyone has goals either long term or short term. Having a goal is a health thing for the mind, but not doing anything to try and achieve the goal is rather unhealthy indeed. There are many reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

The first and probably the most damaging is the feeling of frustration when the path to achieving the goal does not seem to show any progress. When the frustration seep in there is a good probability both the interest levels and the excitement levels will diminish rapidly.

Another reason for failure to meet goals is the overzealous amounts of planning done. Sometimes too much planning can dampen the enthusiasm that stated the goal in the first place.

When everything seems to point towards the impossibility of achieving the goal, a common responding feeling is discouragement. It is very important to stay strong in the face of adversity as this will help sustain the individual and keep the feeling of discouragement at bay.

When there are no clear deadlines set, there is no urgency to get things done. This causes the process towards reaching the goal to become longer which in turn will affect the moral of those involved. Keeping every timeline, encourages all participants to be focused and effective.

Having the support of people to lean on is sometimes an important element that should not be overlooked. This important factor is what help keep the dream of the goal alive when all else points to the opposite.

Lack of commitment also causes people to fall off the “goal wagon”

When there is lack of commitment, there is also the presence of a whole lot of excuses. Some people take more time and effort coming up with excuses instead of putting the same effort into attaining the goal.

It’s plainly a fact: when individuals have goals to guide them, they’re happier and accomplish more than they would without having them. It’s a brain thing.

Accomplishing a goal you’ve set brings forth dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure. In return, dopamine activates neural circuitry that makes you eager to follow up on new challenges.

“Not all who wander are lost,” they say, but for the great majority of us, having a guideline for the future is a central element to well-being and success, however we decide to define it.

This means setting a goal for ourselves, and finding ways to think big.

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