Get exposure with your online community.

Your goal is to get yourself and or your company known via you community niche with or without an advertising budget.

Your exposure,your involvement in a community and or business event becomes a marketing tool.

This will build your brand recognition with the community.

Start by asking a few questions so that the strategy that you create will bring the results you want.

1.Who are my customers? What are their ages? What do they like to do? Where do they go? What is the community financial profile? Use your answers to create a profile customer and go where they are! Let your community see you in a different mode then what is usually expected.

2.How can i stand out? Once you know who your online community is and where you can find them,make sure that you and your company stands out from all the rest. This is your chance to be discovered; use this opportunity to the max!

3.How can i create follow up with your online community?If you give something away,you can usually get something in return. Create a database for future follow-up and connection with your community.Stay present.Don’t let your customers,prospects,or contacts forget you.

4.How can you serve your online community?You don’t need to push,you don’t need to try so hard.Come from the desire to serve,to help,to fill a need. A quality product with quality and genuine service is always appreciated in the marketplace.

Your ultimate outcome is to build and develop a platform that will get more exposure from your community.This will be comprised of all the people who know,like and trust you. Who would pay for your product or service.

Learn several strategies to take the leap into the showtime arena.We can help you develop your story and clarify your unique selling proposition as a community leader.

The key idea is to give away quality,relevant content,thereby driving community traffic to your site,which will subsequently promote your event.And that’s where you monetize.In the phase of promotion, you’re announcing yourself and our work to the world,in a way that continually escalates your online community results and your profits.

Let us help you put together a system that will give you new found ability to capture your community leads and names while you’re presenting on stage,giving people multiple different ways of opting into your list.Remember that your list is your single most valuable asset,both because you now have a product that you can promote and sell to that list,and because a list is a source of instant credibility with your customers.

Did you determine your why as well as your what for your customers?

You already know what your area of expertise is and what it is you do. Understanding why you do what you do is the key distinction that will help you position you and your company.


Get to know your online community

Why the why? The reason you need to know more than just what you do is because in realty,what only matters to a few.The why behind your expertise,products or service is what makes them personal. Understanding the driving force behind why you help people,or why people need to achieve the results that you can provide for them, can have a profound effect on your ability to create positive change in the community lives.


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