Five ways to get your visitors to respond

Make it easy and get to the point they will wont to respond.

1.Study after study shows that internet surfers don’t read on the web.They simply scan text,hoping to pick out what they want to respond to. Therefore, you must state the facts clearly and briefly.

Don’t be self-serving,they will not respond to that.

2.Many websites overwhelm visitors with too much hype and played-out marketing fluff.What visitors want are the facts-just the facts,unsweetened and unadulterated, in an informal tone.

Respond to your customers with survey.

3.By surveying your customer you will uncover their most important needs and discover why they came to visit your website in the first place. Armed with this information,you can push those hot buttons and align your copy for maximum impact.This will help you to create effective copy and attention grabbing headlines that connect them to your website like a magnet.

Respond with benefits.

4.Discover what is most important to your customers and feature it in benefits,benefits,and more benefits! Tell visitors why they should do business with you instead of your competition.Respond with the benefits of doing business with your company and let them know it is the best possible solution to their problems,needs/or concerns?

Respond with easy forms of communication.

5.Since many viewers print out web pages to read at another time-it is crucial to post your contact information on every page of your website.Make sure to post all of your contact information.People communicate differently so provide your street address,telephone,Skype number,Facebook account,Twitter,as well as your email and website addresses.Do the same for every e-mail you send.It amazes me how many people still send emails without a detailed signature line full of contact information and a branded business image.It is very frustrating for visitors to respond! if they have to search for information or send another e-mail to get the contact information they need.

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