Five Tips to Defrosting Cold Colds

1Get Ready to Call.
Before you start,have a list of names and numbers ready.No skipping names once you start.Spend time preparing your list before you start calling.You may grow less willing to continue after you get turned down a few times.
2.Schedule a time Every Day.
Don’t do anything else during that time period.When one call is finished,dial the next.At the end of the scheduled time period,stop.Better to stop fresh than beat.
3.Voice Mail Can Be Great.
Voice mail will allow you to leave your rehearsed,30-second message without interruption.In fact,if you call when you know the person you are trying to reach is not available,it may even help you to de-ice the first couple of calls.
4.Get Past the Gatekeeper.
Gatekeepers feel protective of their charge. They want to feel valued and important.If you make them feel that way you will get cooperation instead of ice.
5.Real Live Person.
So now you’ve finally made your conact with a living,breathing human being.Talk to them,listen attentively,and make notes.Do they sound interested,ambivalent,not interested?after each call,make a quick mental check.Is there anything you should have done differently?

Cold calling is an activity that many people hate,but it works.Don’t worry if you don’t feel good;you may even feel sick just thinking about it.Just do it.

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