Five important traits in networking.

1.Follows up on referrals:This is ranked as the top trait of ssuccessful networkers. It’s no secret that if you present opportunities, whether a simple piece of information, a special contact, or a qualifed business referral, to someone who consistently fails to follow up successfully, you’ll eventully stop wasting your time wuth this person.

2.Positive attitude: A consistently negative attitude makes people didlike you and drives away reffals; a positive attitude makes people want to associate and cooperate with you.

3.Enthusiam/Motivation: Think about the people you know. Who gets the most referrals? People who show most motivation, right? It has been said that the best sales characteristic is entusiasm. To be respected within our networks, we at least need to sell ourselves.

4.Trustworthiness: When you refer one person to another , you put your reputation on the line. You have to be able to trust your referral partner and be trusted in return. neither you nor anyone else will refer a contact or valuable information to someone who can’t be trusted to handle it well.

5.Good lisening skills: Our success as networkers depends on how well we can listen. The faster you and your networking partner learn what you need to know about each other, the faster you’ll establish a valuable relationship, Communicate well, and listen well.

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