Facebook Followers and engaging them.

Facebook-Starbucks uses a positive and uplifting tone to engage with their audience.

Branding is important especially when it comes to Facebook. You would want to project a positive impression of your brand in the mind of your audiences and to do that, your brand or your business needs to have a voice.

Facebook targeted followers.

Facebook as a marketing business tool.

That voice is defined as the way your brand speaks and interacts with customers online via Facebook and it needs to match your brand values. Would it be serious, casual, conversational or something else?

Once you have crafted a tone of voice for your brand or business, the key is to be consistent because it represents the personality of the brand. To maintain top of mind recall among your target audience, you need to be consistent.

Facebook and followers for loyal audience

A good example is Starbucks – Followers  maintain a positive and conversational tone of voice in engaging with audiences on its page.

They also take the effort to reply to comments instead of just overlooking it and ignoring it. This creates engagement and helps to build a connection between brand/business with their followers.

Facebook comments for engagement

You could also use your Facebook page to show your audience a behind the scene look of your business. This works because this something that they normally would
not have the chance otherwise.Add a video of the going on of your business daily routine.

Followers and connection

Follow us and be social.

The idea is to take your audience on a personal journey because it is through such a journey that credibility and trust is built.

You could also use this opportunity to elevate your perceived brand value.
For example, if your business has a very high standard in quality management,

then you would want to show it to your audience and to the world that you
have such standards.

It is a selling point.And in this case, Dreamworks one of the greatest animation studio in the world,that has produced many great animation classics. With a brand name as such, people would be curious to see how  production looks like.

Recognizing and appreciating your audience on your Facebook page is another good way to turn them into your raving fans. Unless it is a complaint about the product or service, people generally do not expect a reply to their general comments as there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of comments.

So a reply to a seemingly random post can sometimes result in a pleasant surprise. In this example, Robert Downey Jr. who plays Ironman in Avengers, credits an artist for sharing his art on his Facebook page.

Now the easy way out is to ignore the posting because there are just so many to reply.
Understandably, celebrities are busy people but Robert went out of the way to credit the artist which then puts Robert in a positive light.

Direct engagements is a great approach to bringing your audience closer to becoming your loyal followers. Promptly reply to posts or question on your Facebook page is the best way to bridge the engagements between you and your audience.

Even if it’s a question that could is out of your field of expertise, always inform them that you will get right back to them once you have a good response to his/her inquiry or provide a link that could answer their inquiry Keeping track with every comment and request can be overwhelming if you have a lot of followers.

Engagements on every post. You can better manage this by utilizing your notifications setting where you can be notified only when a comment is posted. The trickiest part is dealing with negative feedback and responses.

Most businesses and public figures would either turn a blind eye or remove or hide the comment from the comment box. So, what do you do when you receive negative feedback or a rant on your Facebook page?
Well first, it is impossible to please everyone. The energy of the business is better focused at creating and adding value to your customers. The understanding is this, what you focus on.

The more you focus on the negative part, the bigger it becomes. Likewise, when you focus on the positive side of things and amplify it.

Of course, if it is a legitimate enquiry or a complaint about your product or service, do not shy away from it or ignore it as the customer may turn into a negative raving fan and spread more negativity.
Take it as an opportunity to serve the customer at the highest degree and solve that problem. You are recommended to take it offline and speak directly with the customer to solve the problem.

Then post up the solution in the comment box as closure to the problem.

I’m going to walk you through on how to target and retarget  your Facebook audience through hollischapmanshow Ads Manager.
This strategy is only applicable once you have your e-mail list and engagements
on your site.

For targeting, I’m going to guide you on how to create lookalike audience with
hollischapmanshow ads Manager and  retargeting .

I’m going to be utilizing Facebook Pixel. Lookalike audience is an approach that allows you to reach out to new people that are likely to be interested in your product or service.

You do not have to compile all your data or statistics to get this approach running. What
you need is your e-mail list to be uploaded to Facebook Adverts Manager.
To create a Lookalike Audience you need to go to Adverts Manager at your Audiences section. Click Create Audiences in the top left and then select Create a Lookalike Audience from the dropdown.

Next, choose Custom Audience and select Customer file. You can either choose a file or copy paste your customer’s data, or import your customer’s email addresses from MailChimp. On the next section, you are prompted to choose the country where you would  like to find a similarity to your customer base.

Lastly, choose your desired audience size with the slider and click Create Audience. From here on, Facebook will find those people who are interested in your product or service.

The next strategy is utilizing retargeting on your  advertising campaigns with Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that allows you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.

With Facebook Pixel, you can track the actions visitors take on your website across
devices and this will inform you the performance of your Facebook ads.

Among the various interactions that the tool will track-is tracking how your customers are moving between devices before conversion happens.

Finally, have fun with your audience. And this is how you would want to build thousands of followers on your Facebook Page. In summary, you are maintaining a long-term conversation with your followers on Facebook and because it is long term, add value and make it a meaningful conversation.

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