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Facebook and your company

Facebook and Your Youtube Page Now let us move on to ‘credibility’. Any company needs a good one, be it online or not. A good credibility attracts more customers because it builds trust.

Facebook and AHA

Facebook AHA for business

So how can you maintain a good credibility for your Facebook page? Actually, it is as simple as managing the aesthetics of your Facebook page. Or to say it simply, you Facebook page simple needs to look neat and attractive.

Facebook and other social media

Other than that, you also need to show ‘good attitude. Here is how you do it: Authentic page design The page design must look as though it is made by a professional, not by a kid who is experimenting with a design.

The design must also correspond to the nature of industry your company is in. For instance, if you are selling musical instruments online, then perhaps you should use a design that something to do with music.

Facebook and your company.

Perhaps a background with a music staff and some photos of musical instruments will do. And since music is under arts, your page must look very artistic. Use of company logo Next, there is the use of company logo.

If your Youtube page is simply named to your company but does not feature you company logo, people will think that your Facebook page is just made by some fan or third party groups. The use of logo is like a guarantee that the Facebook page indeed belongs to your company.

Use of proper etiquette This is probably the most important. On Youtube, people can be brutally honest about their feelings. They can also be very open when it comes to insults and criticisms. However, it is necessary that you keep your cool.

Take note that you represent an entire organization. People will expect you to act professionally. ┬áTHE TWITTER SUPERSTAR And now we move on to the controversial Twitter – the social media site that sky-rocketed some people to fame and plummeted some people and organizations from top to bottom.

Yes, Twitter made some people famous. But if used incorrectly, it can ruin ones reputation. Therefore, Twitter should be used wisely when promoting your business. But actually, it is really not difficult to do things right on Twitter.

It is actually a lot more difficult to do things wrongly and as a result, damage your reputation. Why? Twitter is fairly easy to use. And avoiding mistakes is fairly common sense.

But still, there are some tricks which you can use to make sure that your Twitter account will boost your company image more efficiently. This chapter will discuss these tricks and techniques. Know who to follow When you follow a Twitter user, your name will appear on that user’s page.

Therefore, you are exposing yourself to all the other users who are also following that Twitter user. This is one of the most effective ways to make your Twitter account known to others.

However, you should not follow just anyone. Make sure that you follow Twitter accounts that are related to your industry. For instance, if you are selling health products, then you should like pages that are also about health and wellness.

This is important because you need to maintain the number of groups that you follow. This will be discussed next. Maintain a ratio of your followers and people you follow On your page, people can see how many people you are following and how many people are following you.

If your Twitter page represents an organization or a company, it is not good to have more people that you follow than the number people that follow you. It will make you look desperate and weak.

You represent a company and you need to look stable and strong. This is the impression that you make if you have plenty of followers and fewer people that you follow. However, you still need to follow related organizations in order to extend the reach of your Twitter account.

So you just have to be very selective of which Twitter users to follow. Get subscription from famous Twitter users Following the page of a popular Twitter account that is related to your industry will do you good. But something else is a lot better than that: getting that popular Twitter account to follow your page.

This can be quite tricky to achieve though. You can mail a proposal to that Twitter account. You can ask the moderator to follow your page. Of course, you will need to explain why you want it to happen. You have to convince them. This is easier if you have something to offer them in return.

Be active Just because you already got a lot of followers does not mean you can stop there. Take note that Twitter users have the option of ‘unfollowing’ you. They usually do this if they see that you have become inactive.

In short, they will leave you if they see that you are no longer making any posts (tweets). Being active can also mean that you are diligently replying to important questions from users.

If you just keep on posting your thoughts without replying to their questions, there is no communication that is taking place. Take note that communication is a two-way thing. Change your URL This is one of the ways to make your Twitter page easier to find on the net.

You can do this on the settings page. When you signed up on Twitter, you are designated a random URL which can simply be a combination of numbers. You can change this to match the name of your company.

Example: www.twitter.com/louisseandclarke. Choose your page name and icon wisely This is like the face of your Twitter account. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is not designed primarily for photos.

So your profile picture and your page name are what represent you. Ideally, you should use the full name of your company. You can also make some additions enclosed in a parenthesis in order to add more details (example: Louisse & Clarke (leather handbags).

You should also choose an icon that best represents your company. As a rule, it should be your company logo. Link to your other social media accounts And to promote your Twitter page further, you can also advertise it via your Facebook and Youtube account. Simply providing a link will do. You can also use plugin buttons provided by Twitter itself. If you have an official webpage, you can add Twitter plugins there as well.

GOING PROFESSIONAL WITH LINKEDIN LinkedIn is not your basic social media site. It is special in a way that it is focused on business. LinkedIn has a very professional and corporate air to it.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter where personal accounts may be opened simply for the fun of it, LinkedIn users are mostly there to do business. First, let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using LinkedIn. Disadvantages You probably opened a Facebook and/or Twitter account for your company in order to reach more customers.

You want to take advantage of the fact that a lot of people are using these social media sites. However, LinkedIn might not offer you the same advantage. LinkedIn has mostly professional members only. They are there to look for jobs, employees, customers, or business affiliates. It is not likely that you will find teenagers setting up a LinkedIn account just for fun.

So if it is your purpose to reach a specific market niche for your products and/or services, LinkedIn might not be the best place. Advantages But if it is your purpose to find business affiliates, contractors, employees, and customers, then opening a LinkedIn account might be beneficial to you.

Think of it as a place where companies and job seekers meet. Also, the format of LinkedIn profile is really designed for business. If you create a personal account for example, you will notice that your profile’s personal information page is like a ‘resume’. This makes it easier for potential affiliates and partners to find you.

Different Account Types LinkedIn allows you to use its features under different account types. Each account type is specialized for a different purpose. They are the following: Job Seekers, Recruiters, and Sales Professionals. Job seekers These are for people looking for a job.

Take note that many big name companies have a LinkedIn account. By opening a LinkedIn account as a jobseeker, you can easily have access to these companies and send an application.

And because your profile is designed like that of a resume, it will be easier for them to check your qualifications. Recruiters Are you looking for employees to hire? Then LinkedIn is one of the best places to be. You can open an account under your company name and have access to thousands of job seekers worldwide.

Sales Professionals This is perfect for finding affiliates on LinkedIn for your business. Also, this account type allows you to use many special tools that are designed to help you in your business. It will be easier for you to find contractors, business partners, and affiliates for your Facebook ads.

Facebook-Twitter and social media.

Facebook -Twitter social media.

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