Ezine Advertising!is it worth the trouble?

So how can you affectively advertise in e-zines and reap a profit from affilitate products?

1.Target e-zines that are related to your specific product.Create a viral report that is related to your product. purchase sponsor ads in reputable e-zines and send all of those interested to a page where they can download your viral report for free. This report will have an embedded link, which will generate sales on your behalf.

2.Create a persuasive solo ad. Again,start off by purchasing solo ad space in cheaper e-zines ones that are responsive, but have a low subscription count. Test your solo ads determine your approximate conversion rate with the given product. Once you have a rough handle on your profit margin, attempt to market your solo ads in larger publcations, including e-zines with subscriber bases of over 100,000. Keep in mind that this will be expensive, but it will also pay off. If you don’t get some practice first with those smaller e-zines though, advertising to 100,000 subscribers right off the bat could be disastrous for you and your wallet.

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