Everything You Need to know About beating the Challenge!

Catherine Lenard interview on the challenge- on the hollischapmanshow.

Saving yourself years of frustration.

1.Tell us a little about yourself and your new book (Divine Riches).

I went through a period of years of extreme the challenge that included devastating losses.

Little was working despite my best efforts to lift myself out of personal and professional crises. Caught in fear and negativity inflamed by the ‘economy,’ I had to discover how to change my own circumstances.  I knew I was to share what I learned with others the challenge that i faced.

The challenge was  concentrated research- experience  and intuitive insight.

 Formerly hidden knowledge many of us have bits and pieces of (but don’t know how to utilize as a whole) was crystallized. Presented in a uniquely understandable manner, Divine Riches is the result.

2. Divine Riches -Unveil Your Power, Create Your World shows you how. The challenge tips on how we begin to believe we can do this.

The challenge is an individual journey that begins with sincere desire for change. Work with the knowledge presented in the book by putting it into practice in your daily life. Observe what happens. As you begin to see results, you will understand that what is shared is truth. If you are dedicated, you will find that six months from now you will understand it on deeper levels than when you began. It begins with a choice that only you can accept the challenge.
3.Share with us your thoughts on these points (from the book’s web site):

– Consciously creating and having what you’ve yearned for – Freeing yourself from worry and fear – Saving yourself years of frustration – Freeing yourself from the instability of the economy – Removing inner blocks to receiving your good – Living with newfound joy and confidence

The challenge are the very real benefits of doing the work described above.
4.What are the universal principles and esoteric teachings ?

Ancient teachings regarding the underlying wisdom of the world that were long kept secret. Divine Riches concisely guides the reader to the Rosetta Stone of how to put those laws into practice.

5.What is the challenge in marketing your book? What has worked for you? What has not worked?

Reid Tracy, president of Hay House Publishers, recommends building a platform. I am marketing the book through the http://www.divineriches.com web site, Kindle and Nook, articles, search engine optimization, interviews, etc. It is a process. I’m new to Twitter and still figuring out how to effectively use it!

6.Share with us your thoughts on the e-book format. Has this hurt authors or helped them?

E-books eliminate the challenge of physical inventory and book signings which saves time, energy, storage, and travel expenses. If you opt to self-publish, e-books keep creative control with the author instead of lengthy processes with agents, editors, or publishers.

7.As an author, how important is it to have a blog? Do you recommend all authors have one?

Part of the challenge of  building your platform is having a web site for your book.
Whether the blog is your web site (i.e. WordPress or Blogger) or the blog is a feature of your overall web site, it’s crucial because it’s important to communicate with your audience. ‘Engage’ is the buzzword these days.  Social media experts recommend directing traffic to your blog rather than Facebook (Personal Profiles or Pages) because of the control you have with your own blog.
8.What’s the challenge with social media as a tool for authors?
Social media is part of building your platform and a work in progress for us all. I share my triumphs and challenges with it on the Divine Riches blog and pass along helpful tips as I learn them.

9.  “Joy-filled life of peace and abundance;” can this be just a lot of hype or can this really work?

Deep-seated  the challenge  begins with the awareness that it starts from within. It’s easy to fall into the trap that it’s about the outside world because most of us have been taught that way. Understanding this concept is the beginning from which desired results can unfold through practicing the knowledge shared in Divine Riches. As you say, Hollis, ‘Start with the Man in the Mirror.’ The book shows you how to over come the challenge.
10.Final comment: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
The challenge in elegance of simplicity, natural beauty, heart connection beyond facade.

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