Establishing and improving your credit

You can use most of the techniques i describe in this post even if you have bad credit or no credit at all.

Establishing your credit

Having good credit,however,will increase your financing options along with your wealth.

Banks and businesses base their lending decisions on credit reports that they receive from credit bureaus.Your credit report is a snapshot of your credit history and usually includes a score that indicates how your payment habits compare to those of other borrowers,and how likely you are to default on a loan.

You can improve your credit score by applying a few simple techniques to your borrowing practice.

If you’ve never borrowed money before,you can apply similar techniques to establish good credit from scratch.

The importance of credit.

As you study this post remember this-you do not need credit to buy certain things(real estate) if you use creative methods.Many of the techniques I describe in this post for buying property or a business with  no down payment work regardless of your credit rating. That does not mean,it will be easy.The simple fact is that if you establish and maintain good credit,you multiply your investment possibilities.Good credit increases your financing options,which,in turn,opens doors to investment opportunities that would otherwise be closed to you.

The most obvious application of credit in investing it that of borrowing money from a lending institution to cover the purchase price.

As a investor,credit can provide you with flexibility when it comes to paying for expenses that are not related to loans.

Establishing and building credit

When it comes to finances,credit is define as trust in one’s integrity in money matters and one’s ability to make payments when due.Credit is a measure of trust between a lender and a borrower.The more trustworthy you are as a borrower,the more willing lenders will be to loan money to you.

Your FICO scores can never be to good.

Even if your current credit rating is high,it pays to improve it,the process of equipping yourself with good credit is simple,it involves three basic steps.




Evaluating Your Current Credit.

Your credit report is a history of your borrowing and paying habits.It includes information concerning your past and current loans and credit cards.Who you borrowed the money from,and how faithful you’ve been in making the agreed-upon payments.

Obtaining Your  Report.

By Law,the major repositories must provide your credit report to you upon request.They must also inform you of anyone who has ask to see your report in the last six months.If you’ve been denied credit in past 30 days,the  repositories will provide your  report free of charge.

Reading Your Report.

Credit reports come in different shapes and styles,but they all typically include two types of data;general information and credit score.The general information includes your personal data,credit history,and any other information that might tell a lender how trustworthy you are when it comes to paying back loans.The credit score is a number,based on several factors,that a lender can use to compare your creditworthiness to that of other borrowers.

As you set your sights on becoming a successful,long term investor and business owner you should begin now to develop a systematic program for establishing or improving your credit.

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