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Ecourse can open doors for you.

ECourse and your material. Sell the eCourse as a complete package. When you’re looking for training, an eCourse can be a very valuable package of information.

Ecourse content for your podcast

PLR content

Not only that,it can give the person who completes the eCourse a great sense of pride for learning a new skill or increasing their ability in an area. You can create “how-to” material which is great.

Ecourse how to material

Taking it a step further and creating an eCourse, however, can open doors for those who complete it. Depending on what your niche is, your eCourse could be the difference in deciding which of two job seekers actually gets the job.

Ecourse training for the correct audience

Offer the right training to the right people, and it can open doors for you to not only build your own business, but open new horizons for future eCourses. For your first one, just find something in your niche that you are passionate about and comfortable with. Get the right PLR material for it and share it as an awesome training course that will attract more course enrollees than you thought possible.

Use the materials as resources or guideline to create a coaching program or Mastermind group. Coaching and/or mentoring programs are big in many niches. Your quality ecourse content can help you create that as either your main goal or an extended service.

If you establish yourself as an expert with good quality  material, people will be interested in how you can help them. They’ll read it,or take the ecourse and they’ll believe in you.

Coaching/mentoring can be a very profitable business in itself, and having the information to share ready and available is an excellent start.
Create weekly webinars. Additional value can be added by contact experts in the field and use your ebooks,ecourse information to help steer each webinar or interview through your questions.

Webinars are a great way to become more one-on-one with your viewers. Interacting through discussions in the group sessions can help build rapport with you and your target audience. In turn, this can be beneficial both to you and your business reputability, but also in helping your clients achieve their goals as well.

Use the information to responds as an expert on discussion forums or places like Yahoo Answers. Be sure when you respond that you link back to your website. Forums are a great way to get yourself known, build rapport with others in the forum, and send traffic to your site.

By establishing yourself as an expert, if they like what you say on the forum, you can lead them to your site for more information.
Participating in forums by answering questions will also give you greater search engine optimization. It will mean more hits for your site when someone searches through sites like Google.

The more traffic you build to your site, the greater your search engine optimization grows. When people search for your topic content, it will be YOU they find on the page. Don’t be shy about it, and don’t try to “sell” yourself.

A forum discussion should be just that—a discussion. You don’t want to make it into an advertising campaign, just an outreach to bring people to you for more answers.

Monetize your website

Create a membership website. Charge a monthly subscription fee and use the information to populate your website with regular new content. If your content is valuable, people don’t mind paying subscription fees.

They know what they’ll be getting is quality information. If people are willing to subscribe, then you know they’re interested in what you have to say. Keep providing it for them, and they’ll stay members.

A monthly fee shouldn’t be big in itself—it’s in the number of members you attract. Make money by building your membership list, your profits will increase.

Offer the product as a bonus item to be purchased at a discount if they buy an original item or if you are an affiliate, add it to your affiliate page as an additional benefit the customer receives for purchasing from you.

You’ve probably heard it said before about people’s decisions to take jobs—it’s not about the salary, but the benefit package. Everyone loves to receive excellent ecourse benefits in all aspects of their lives.

Being able to be one of a chosen few who receive this special benefit can be an extremely good selling factor in many different situations. 

Creatively put together multiple PLR ecourse products to provide a custom package at a higher price. Consider offering your customers a way to “build their own” custom package – with or without resale rights – for a more unique approach.

On many sites you’ve probably seen packages like this bundled together on various resale and product sites. You’ve also seen those who have their packages and even if you don’t need everything in that package, you get it anyway.

Sometimes there will be something in two different packages you want, but truly don’t want to purchase both. When this happens, often the sale is lost because the customer will go to where they can get only what they want.

Giving your customer a way to pick and choose what they feel they need from what you have to offer can often be the difference in winning or losing the sale. PLR products
are a great way to have the work done once and allow people to decide what is valuable to them.
The more the content is valuable, the more valuable you become to them and the more likely they’ll be to pass on your name when they know someone is looking for something they’ve seen on your site to someone else.

It doesn’t even have to be merchandise they’ve purchased. If they saw it and didn’t want or need it, but loved what they got from you, they’ll feel comfortable suggesting the material they haven’t seen.

Provide the product to your subscribers or high level customers at a significant discount. Everyone likes to feel special, this way it creates additional loyalty from your best customers if you regularly give them access to items no one else can get.

Providing the PLR ecourse products to people you feel are special or high-level customers at a discount will make you special to them as well. They’ll believe that you value them as a customer. You know what they want and provide it to them on a regular basis.

It gives them the same feeling you get when you go into your hometown diner and everyone knows you by name, knows what you want, and gives it to you the way you want it. You feel special and important and that keeps you coming back

Research and Other Uses
Use the products as a give-away for individuals completing a user survey. With any business, especially online, regularly checking in with your target audience to find out their needs, likes and dislikes is useful for creating better products.

You can use the PLR products to incentivize individuals to complete these surveys for you. You can use basic geographical information to actually see if those viewing your sites have changed.

Are you visitors male or female? Where are they located geographically? What ethnic background are they? These are only a few things you can find out from surveys. You can determine what they like most about or least about your business or your site.

Getting material that they feel is valuable for a few minutes time answering questions can definitely seem worth it enough for them to take the short survey. You can even use it as a testing method to see which versions of your site, blog posts, or products they like best.

Create a contest.

Maybe you are looking for a new logo for your site, a fresh take on an advertising concept, or a way to reach an new audience. Create a contest asking readers to provide you with ideas and give the winner access to a valuable PLR package or product.

Contests are a great way to draw attention to your site. Everyone likes to be a winner. Remember when you were in elementary school and got a blue ribbon for reading the most books, scoring the highest on a test, creating the best project.

You worked hard at it and gave it a lot of thought. The prize wasn’t what mattered, it was the chance to be declared “winner.”
Just because people grow up, doesn’t mean they want any less to be a winner. Offer them something they get as a prize for being a winner and you’ll often get some of the best ideas and concepts for new material.

That’s definitely a win/win situation. You’re giving something away once that you’ve already paid for and can sell many times more. You may want to give runner-up discounts which will increase sales.

Give the PLR products to your affiliates as an additional resource to help them make sales. You’re part of a team.

What is good for one is usually good for the entire affiliate team. If you give your quality PLR products to your affiliates, it will make them more likely to share with you. This not only builds the team spirit, but it helps the entire affiliate group grow.

Review content in the most common PLR products to see what is missing in the market and create your own product to fill the void. This can be very profitable, and well worth the time spent reviewing content for your ebooks and ecourse.

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