Do you ditch your marketing when business gets good?

Do you ditch your marketing when business gets good?

Keeping on track with  your business marketing efforts on a year round basis can be a challenge.Do you fall into the dangerous trap of ditching your marketing efforts when your business starts getting busy?Or,do you practice shotgun-marketing programs implemented only when there is a dip in your sales? These are marketing mistakes that ultimately cost you time and money.

Businesses face the same set of challenges which prevent them from achieving consistent,profitable results from their maketing efforts.It pretty much boils down to lack in one or all of these areas:focus,communication,expertise,time,money,consistency,and commitment. The key to marketing success is year around commitment and consistency in keeping in constant communication with your customers(even when they aren’t buying from you).

Keeping on track with your marketing on a year round basis is really pretty simple.All you need are the right tools and a set of strateges that are easy to implement.The most important tool you need is a personal organizer to house your database. It doesn’t matter what you use to house the information,as long as you have a database that is up-to-date with all the names,addresses,and contact information that is accessible to you at all times.

Now you need to find a few moments every day to contact people on your database.Now that’s a challenge.For the average business owner,marketing falls pretty far down on the totem poll of things to do when you’re busy…right below employee management,operations,accounting,production,customer service,etc. But take the time to squeeze a few hidden minutes out of your busy day and you will really start to see your efforts pay off.

Fun ideas that will put a smile on  your Prospect’s face and keep you business on their mind.

1.When you are flying go to the newspaper stand and buy postcards. Whether it’s a postcard from the city you live in or the destination you are traveling to, a picture postcard always gets immediate sttention.In an hour you could probably write at least 20 postcards to prospects and customers and mail them in the airport mailbox before you get on the plane.keep your message light and humorous…the warm fuzzy approach is always memorable.

2.While you’re waiting in your business customer’s office,ask the reptionist if you can borrow a phone line.Fire up your laptop computer or use your smartphone and send five cutomers a animated greeting is the most popular website that has animated greeting cards for every occasion.You can customize a quick message on greeting card and send it off.

3.Share your coffee break with your customers. Next time you go to your favorite coffee house,buy small sample packets of coffee.Send them to your business customers with a simple note that says “would love to get together for a cup of coffee with you soon.In the meantime.enjoy the enclosed cup of coffee and have a great day.”Chances are your customer will call you when they receive the unexpected package to set up a meeting.

Every contact you make is another business connection that strengthens profitable customer relationships.

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