Do I Work ON My Business

So How Do I Work ON My Business Without Working IN My Business

So How Do I Work ON My Business Without Working IN My Business One easy way to think of the distinction between these two states is to think of working in your business as essentially having a job.

Work on growing your business

Let your business do the day to day work

How do i work this system?


With this job, you have assigned tasks that you do over and over again. Your focus is on those tasks, leaving you little or no time to think of any other tasks or functions that may be going on at the same time you work through your own assigned list of tasks.

Do not be a employee of your work

From this perspective, being “in” your business is a lot like work for someone else. When you are an employee, you don’t spend much time wondering what tasks the VP of Marketing is doing, or how the Accounting department works.

Let your company system do the work

You handle things in your own little world, collect your paycheck, and go your merry way. By contrast,to work on your business encompasses a lot more territory. As a business owner, you must think in terms of not one little corner of the business operation, but the entire organization.

This means you can’t afford to be bogged down in tasks associated with one area. If you want to be successful, you must always have a view of the big picture. Being able to see the big picture and work on growing your business is where the idea of systemization comes in.

You create and implement systems that allow all those little things to work while you are focusing on a broader view of things. Work on your business means you don’t have to do everything yourself, and you don’t have to micro-manage anyone you’ve hired to do specific tasks for you.

If the system is designed properly, the day to day aspects of the business will continue with or without your attention, effectively freeing you to spend your days working on making the business stronger, more profitable, and bigger than ever before.

Work On Your Business Rather Than Working In Your Business? While there are a number of examples of working on versus to work your business, perhaps one of the easiest ways to grasp the idea is by looking at a company that just about everyone in the world is familiar with: the McDonald’s Corporation. Most people have heard the story of the beginning of McDonald’s, how a single restaurant became one of the most efficiently ran franchises in the world.

What many people don’t think about is how the business system developed by McDonald’s has made all the difference in how quickly the company was able to expand while still maintaining consistent quality everywhere. Without getting into a lot of detail, here are a few examples of what proper systemization has done for this one company:

There is clear and concise process for earning the right to become a franchisee in the McDonald’s chain. Not everyone can do it. – Continuing education programs for people who want to stay in the business. Yes, folks who enjoy food service really can make a career out of working at McDonald’s, not just pick up some money after school or during summer vacation.

Consistent standards in dining room and kitchen hygiene. No matter where you go, a franchise must meet the same standards as any restaurant owned directly by the corporation. If a restaurant fails to meet those standards, the franchise can be revoked.

Consistent quality in the food served at each restaurant. No matter where you go in the world, you can still get the same signature dishes that you’ve known and loved for years.  Room for experimentation. Above and beyond the core menu, McDonald’s has practical and systemized procedures for serving items of special interest in a given region, often using this tool to experiment on possible additions to the core menu.

All through the process, the quality of the food served remains high. By digging deeper into the history and current operating structure of McDonald’s, you can find plenty of other examples of how a sound  system is at work, this has made this one of the more stable companies in the world today. For now, these will suffice to illustrate just what can be done by developing a strong system that allows you to work on your business rather than work in your business.

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