Developing a Money Making marketing idea.

The key is to capture the visitor’s e-mail address via a giveaway or free report and then e-mail them on a regular basis.Once you develop a data-base of those interested in receiving information from help them grow their business by providing information and links to resources that you have found valuable.

As you help them,you can also help yourself by sharing information on programs or products that have help you.Many of these products have affiliate programs that will put money in your pocket when others sign up or join via your affiliate link.

If you are looking to get started for free there are several sites that will help you set up your own newsletter.

Developing a large enough e-mail list to see significant profit takes time,as does swapping ads.You can also pay to place your ads in various e-zines but this can be costly and time -consuming as well.

Solve a Problem

As with many ideas that take hold,my idea for a way to advertise in e-zines was generated by asking a simple question,”How can i solve a certain problem?”

In this case, the problem was that of overcoming the expense of advertising in e-zines along with the time spent hunting up other newsletter publishers with a similar subscriber focus and subscriber count.The interesting thing here is that people get so used to doing things in a certain way that most times they don’t even realize there is a problem.

That leaves the playing field wide open for you to come in and solve a whole host of problems that others are either too busy to address or don’t know exit.

Idea Generation

I use two different method to come up with new ideas.One is to start with a blank sheet of paper and then just jot ideas down as they pop into my head.The second is to list a variety of things from marketing techniques to sales strategies to whatever and then to draw lines from one item to another and see what i can do with the combinations.In order to come up with new idea i think you have to strike a delicate balance.First, you need to have a storehouse of information related to the topic you’re brainstorming about.You can build up your own storehouse by reading you can in the specific field.When it comes to actually creating the idea, you have to empty your mind of preconceived ideas about what can work and what is acceptable.Then let your mind start creating connections with all your stored information,sit back,sip your beveage of choice,and see what ideas pop up.

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