Create the leaders Enviroment!

As leaders we can’t change people,but we can create an enviroment that allows them to grow.The following ten elements should be considered when creating such an enviroment:

1.Depending on the size of your organization,create a website that will support those you are leading. Post the next meeting time for the staff or divisions of your organization,a calender of company events that you would like to have your people attend, and any potential changes in marketing plans or activities that would affect employees’ personal income or position as related to management team.

2.Give your employees 24/7 email access to you.Allow them to communicate with you directly;discourage a long document,”but encourage them to present any challenges or areas they see that might improve operations.It is amazing how few will use this,but knowing they have the option is very important

3.Meet with your key leaders a minium of twice a year in a fun location. It might be a cruise or resort where they can leave the day-to-day challenges behind and enjoy some fun and fellewship.Encourage the involement of their mate and kids.Relationships are created during these special times.

4.In addition,leaders create a conference call to touch base and communicate on a regular basis.Where there is no communication there is potential for rumors.

5.Leaders Create a company ezine,newsletter.Each month send everyone a one-page email sharing your vision and how important each person is to the overall success of the organization.

6.Leaders when possible,have random chats with your people.Just arrive,pull up a chair,and have your folks gather around just to share and laugh.

7.Leaders Listen,When people you lead feel you are no longer listening to them,them move to the belief that they no longer offer value.When they feel they have no futher value,they lose their passion for what they are doing and begin going through the motions rather than fulfilling a mission.

8.Have an open forum giving your people the opportunity to share how they feel about your leaderrship and the direction of the organization.

9.Never forget that people want to belong and that recognition can mean more than a pay raise.pat them on the back,especially in front of their peers,if they do a great job.Building others up creates confidence,and where confidence prevails,performance will follow.

10.Believe in them. Supply belief transfer.

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