Core values and the hollischapmanshow

1.  Core Values of the hollischapmanshow

Core values are the primary guiding principles to help you make important decisions. For example, the US Air Force core values are service, integrity and excellence, while Walt Disney is known for wholesomeness and imagination. Below are examples of core values:
– Integrity
– Brilliance
– Joy
– Synergy
– Creativity
Defining your core values are important and making it known to your audience. In fact, it should be used as a basis for growing your business.

core values

2. Core values and your writing Style

Different writers have different types of writing styles. Do you need a writer who can come up with an emotionally riveting piece or one that is exceptionally good at taking on a more personal, core values approach? If you end up hiring a writer who is used to an academic style of writing, it can be difficult to expect them to adapt to your preferred writing style. Among the various writing styles include the following:
– Dramatic
– Personable
– Academic
– Inspirational
– Factual
– Fun
– Intellectual
– Humorous
– Technical
– Romantic

3.Core values and your expertise

Just because you have come across a writer with an excellent portfolio doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed to receive an outstanding material. Aside from looking into the writing styles, you also need to take into account their expertise and the type of materials they have written in the past.

4. Cost

Cost is always a serious consideration when trying to grow your business. Make sure to do your research on prices: by the number of words, by page or by the hour. For ebook writing, be extra wary for writers who charge by the hour as the cost can easily drive up. It is generally best to agree on the number of words and set a maximum number of words. Make sure these details are clearly discussed up front.

5. What Deliverables Do You Expect

You need to be clear on the scope of the work of the ghost writer. Is he/she expected to prepare the outline, handle the research and provide drafts? Who will be responsible for proofreading the entire document? You need to be very specific about these matters in order to set your expectations clearly during the negotiation process. You also need to discuss about the possibility of additional revisions. You need to know what you are exactly paying for.

6. Timeline

Another important factor to take into account is the timeline. It is very important that you both agree on your core values. Make sure to set a specific date for every deliverable – from drafts to the final version.

core values and power

core vales and the hollischapmanshow

7. Additional Writing Services
If the writer is responsible for creating the ebook, will he be the one to create your marketing copy, proposals and reports – content that will be needed for marketing your ebook?

It is important that the ‘voice’ of your core values marketing materials are the same and highlight the same key points discussed in your business.

You need to seriously consider this aspect as using different writers may potentially confuse your readers.

8. Relationship

Other than creating the ebook, your writer may have strategic ideas or business relationships that may prove beneficial for you. You need to also consider this aspect especially if you plan to hire a seasoned writer.

9. Copyright Ownership

You need to make sure that your contract clearly states that upon completion of full payment, the copyright of the material will be transferred to you. This is very important as a small oversight like this can potentially prove very expensive.

10. References

Before hiring a professional core values writer, take time to make a background check and ask for references of clients the writer has previously worked with. Any decent writer will always have satisfied clients who are willing to respond to your email or talk to you for 15 minutes.

1. Record Yourself talking about your core values.

This involves recording yourself while talking about a specific subject that you are an expert in. You can include featuring slides from a PowerPoint presentation to make it more appealing. However, in order to do this, you will need a video editing software such as iMovie, which is a software available for Mac users.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can consider hiring a videographer to record a live workshop or seminar that you will host or conduct. A cheaper alternative is to hire a local visual arts student to record the event at a significantly lower cost.

Screen Capture

Another viable option is to create a video tutorial using a screen capture video. A popular software to help you achieve this is Camtasia, which is available for both Mac and PC users.

Important Tips
When creating a video tutorial, keep in mind the following helpful tips to
ensure high quality material:

1. Ensure proper lighting.

2. If you want to make the video more interesting, consider using 2 to 3
cameras in order to capture different angle can seamlessly incorporate them
when editing. Professional information products require a minimum of 3

3. Consider presenting your content in both video and ebook formats to offer
variety and cater to different preferences.
4. Do not aim for perfection but instead focus on completing a good quality

5. For just a few dollars, you can consider adding a professional music
before or after your video. You can purchase royalty free music from online
resources such as

6. Make a comprehensive preparation. You need to make sure you exactly
know how to present your ideas and provide clear instructions. Here are
some important aspects to consider:

How do you plan to explain the solutions or show the different step by step

Do you plan to discuss your best recommendation for a specific problem or
you present different options for people to choose from?
How long with the video take?

What specific components will be featured in the video?
All these factors will require preparation. Before recording, you should be
fully prepped on what you plan to say and how you should deliver it.

If necessary, you can consider writing down your ideas as an outline or come
up with a script.

7. Emphasize key points. You need to identify key points that will need to be
highlighted and explained more thoroughly. When capturing screen, you can
highlight square frame, zoom-in, sparkle cursor or add an animation clip.
Think of ways to help your audience to see your core values on the important point you want to emphasize.

8. Don’t move your mouse unless absolutely necessary. While this may be a
small thing, constantly moving your mouse while talking can be very distracting to your audience and preventing them from seeing your core values.

To avoid doing this, you can keep your hand away from the mouse unless you are about to move to the next step when talking about your core values.

9. When recording your screen, you will need to use an application such as DemoCreator to edit. Instead of using plain text, you can infuse more fun
and appeal by using callouts, animations or arrows to draw the eye to a
particular section.

10. The audio and video sync. If possible, it is highly recommended that the
two are recorded separately in order to derive the best result. First, you will
need to record the video before performing the voice over and importing the
audio track into the video.

Once you have finalized your video tutorial, don’t forget to leave your
personal information, website and other important details. Video tutorials
work great in boosting online credibility, so make sure to maximize all
positive results you can get.

Tools of the Trade -microphone. Invest in a quality microphone such as a Logitech USB
desktop microphone that is portable and easy to use.

Screen Recorder. There are a number of options you can consider when it comes to choosing a screen recorder such as DemoCreator or the cheaper option, which is the Camstudio.

Video Editing Software. If you will only require basic editing, the DemoCreator can provide sufficient tools with its built-in editor. You can also use Camstudio or the Windows Movie Maker.

Core values with audacity. For recording and editing your audio, you can consider using
audacity as we use at the hollischapmanshow.

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