Colorado Springs The Upside of Fear,The upside of Fear

The Upside of Fear During this dynamic and powerful presentation, I’ll reveal my powerful Upside of FEAR Formula, which I developed and used to transcend 25 years of prison.

  Life in Prison The Upside of Fear exposes you to the harsh reality of a criminal life and creates a riveting portrait of true crime at its fundamental level–from buying the duct tape for an armed robbery to saving the life of a prison guard. Long recounts his harrowing journey of self-discovery and how he went from being a drunk in a jail cell to the CEO of a multimillion dollar business. Twenty years of drinking, drugging, robbing, and lying led him to more than a decade of time spent in prisons, jails, and halfway houses–and a strained relationship with a son he barely knew.

Through the revealing perspective of an eloquent criminal, you will learn how to change fear into a positive motivating force and use the mind to strengthen the will, even in the bleakest of circumstances. Long’s story demonstrates that love can redeem even the most hopeless criminal, and that there can be no emotions stronger than the desire for redemption and the love of a father separated from his son by prison bars.

Praise for The Upside of Fear:
”This book comes from a magnificent person who learned the lessons of life out of profound prison experiences. Despite the harsh language, Wally Long is a true diamond in the rough who produced this inspiring and illuminating account of the path he took to freedom and prosperity.”


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