Christian dating advice for women

Christian dating interview with Melissa D.Hudson

1. Tell us a little about yourself-I am a Christian dating author who has a masters degree in education and a bachelor of arts degree in psychology.

I am a widow who has one son. I am very passionate about Godly relationships because there are so many failed marriages and relationships that do not center around God.

Christian dating

interview with Melissa Hudson 10 reason why you can’t find a good Christian man.

2. Who should buy your book anyone can purchase my book -but the main focus was written to educate single and divorced females on christian dating. 

3. Low self- esteem and codependency- How big of a problem is it in christian dating?
Self esteem and codependency play a huge role in mate selections. For example, if a female has a low self esteem and feels as though she needs a man to validate who she is, then more than likely, she will choose a mate who does not value her as a woman. On the other hand, a female who has a high self- esteem and feels good about herself, more than likely, she will not settle for less than the best.
4. Does low self esteem starts at a younger age? Is it a male or a female thing? Low self esteem issues can begin at an early age. That’s why it is so important for parents to instill positive things into their child’s life. Parents should never speak negative words to their children because the tongue is a powerful weapon that can kill and destroy someone’s hopes and dreams before they ever get started. I believe self -esteem issues are more of a female thing than a male thing because we as females are emotionl creatures and this makes it had for christian dating.
5. Society is confusing when it comes to work, school etc… How do we get a balance? People should prioritize their time and make room for what’s important. Now a days, some people feel as though making alot of money is the key to happiness. They would rather work two or three jobs just to have that big nice house or that luxury car that you can’t even enjoy because you are working all the time. It’s good to have nice things, but when the nice things have you, then that’s a problem.
6. Did you see something in your life that made you write this book? Yes. When I was a child, I witnessed my father murder my pregnant mother with a hunting knife. She died on a neighbor’s doorsteps, holding my two- year old sister. The marriage was very toxic and could have been saved if God was the head and the tail in the marriage. There are many domestic violence and murder suicide cases in America where couples are allowing the adversary (Satan) to take over their lives. That’s why I am very adament about Godly relationships and christian dating people should seek God first before seeking a mate.
7. How do you market your christian dating  book?
What’s working and not working? I currently perform many national radio talk show appearances and blog talk radio. I schedule book signing events in different cities and send off press releases to various media outlets throughout America. I have also had several television appearances. My book is worldwide distributed; therefore, it can be found bascially anywhere. On the flipside, social media networks are not working for me. In the beginning of my book’s campaign, I received positive feedback from social media, but within a few months, it sort of died down. But overall, radio, television, blog talk, newspaper print and book reviews are working for me. I always try to find creative ways to market my book.
8. In church can you tell a good honest person who you may be good for christian dating?
No! Dishonest people tend to be everywhere: even in the church. However, if someone happens to meet and desire to date someone from the church, he/she should seek God and ask for an eye of discernment because discernment helps people to know what’s real and unreal. God will give us knowledge and wisdom so that we will not fall victims to Satan’s traps and  be deceived by his tactics.
9. For what do you want to be remember for? I want people to remember my passion for the Lord and how I desire to see everyone achieve the goodness and grace that God has to offer in every area of their lives and see more couples enjoy christian dating.
10. Where can we find your book? My book can be found online and requested at the counter of bookstores. It can also be found if you Google christian dating.
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