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The Brummets are the hosts of Conscious Discussions talk radio show and the Authors Read radio program.

 The topic of the day is Living Consciously – Living consciously means not just being willing to absorb new information, being tolerant or accepting of others, and putting some items in the recycling bin. …While that is a great start, there is so much an individual can do in life. The guest of the day is Mikaya Heart, author of numerous books and counselor for people looking for themselves.  Our discussions revolved around dealing with childhood abuse, the power of writing and living consciously. Click on the title above or look to the sidebars on this blog to access recently airedConscious Discussions Talk Radio episodes. 

— Chatter — 

I wanted to send out a quick explanation for my absence on the blog for the last couple of days… I’ve had a heavy schedule, including a presentation in Kelowna at Chapters Bookstore in the Orchard Park mall this Saturday. If you ever come to this blog, which is maintained daily (usually), and find I’ve missed a day or two – it is only because my schedule got too heavy. …I encourage all our readers to browse the numerous links on the sidebars here and also the previous posts on this blog as time allows. There is a lot of information here for you to enjoy 🙂