Business management program

Business management program based on Forgotten Hostages the book.

1.Tell us a little about yourself,and your business management book.

A trade association executive for 40 years holding senior positions with organizations representing such industries as mortgage banking, telecom, information technology and scrap recycling.


2.Bring us back to the day your life and your business changed(held hostage).

What was the first thoughts? what was your fear?When did you think you might die?–Initially thought it was a robbery, but all these business people were being attacked with guns and knives and I was hit in the face with a carbine rifle that broke my cheekbone in six places, knew it was more serious. After being hit, 60 of us were piled on top of one another. I thought i was going to bleed to death.

3.When you and your business where safe,who were you angry at?if anyone?

I was angry that people could do this in the United States to other people and had no  concious in doing so.

4.Why did you write the book?Why do you base your successful business around what happen to you? Does it give you the don’t quit attitude?Special Management Program.

No one had ever told the story and I thought it was important to do so. People who had heard the story felt it was compelling and relevant to the world we live in today. There are many lessons from what we experienced you can apply to other life experiences and business.

5.Stratec business Planning Steps,share with us some of your steps.

Realistic business assessment of company resources, focus on core competencies and strengths, looking beyond the horizon of what exists, developing realistic plans and goals, monitoring progress and holding management and staff accountable for implementation

6 .Future business Leaders Executive Development

Do you think a lot of us have to go through something bad,to become good leaders–Not necessarily, but having the ability to apply one’s life experiences in a practical way and never losing that desire to enhance knowledge and business skills.

7.A One Day business Organizational Checkup what should authors and small business owners do for their check up?

At least commit one day away from daily activities to evaluate where you are and dream where you want to be.


8.Business Mentoring-you have been a mentor to a lot of successful people,what are some of the common trates.

People who are looking for constructive feedback, who take the lessons and apply their own characteristics, who observe others as they operate and want the process to be a longer term relationship.

9.How can your business take some of our authors and small business owners to new heights?

By promising to approach each entity as different with it’s own set of challenges and opportunities. There is no “cookie cutter” approach to helping and offering guidance.

10.Final comment:What’s on your business “Bucket List?” Top 5 things– >  you’d still like to do?  Continue to improve and enhance my own skills that I offer; further my knowledge with international travel–it is truly a connected world; become more proficient in a foreign language and do business in that language; (personal)–play my guitar more proficiently as well; (personal)-continue to enjoy my busines with my grandchildren and family.


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