Benefits of a funded proposal system

Do you know that a funded proposal is the process of selling an inexpensive,but useful product on the front end to cover your advertising expenses.

Funded proposal systems you are selling and promoting everything but your primary opportunity.

On the back end of this marketing of this funded proposal is where you position yourself as an expert and you share your product or opportunity.

Funded Proposal

Funded Proposal

The high sales rate of an information product funded proposal is how you fund your advertising and increase your cash flow instantly. You reduce your expenses to $0 or even make a profit by retailing an inexpensive Self Liquidating-Offer product on the front end to your leads.This is critical when you consider that 95% plus will never join your primary opportunity.

That means you’re leaving 95% of your potential income on the table if you’re not promoting affiliate products or service to them!

When you have a funded proposal system in place it makes it easier to sponsor an exiting customer than trying to sponsor a stranger.You don’t try and sell your prospects on your business opportunity the first time you meet.You sell them an inexpensive information product that will help them grow their business.

Get people to know like and trust you by showing them how to really make money in this industry with true marketing-not fliers and meeting.

Build your online presence with web site,blog,social media,this will position you as an expert instead of a peddler like everyone else.With your funded proposal you build respect and trust with your prospects because you offer them more then just another opportunity.You offer a solution, a SYSTEM,and your help,positioning you as an recognized expert and authority in your field.

With your funded proposal system you get a chance to pre-train and educate your prospects who just might be your future business partners,instead of just trying to sell them on hype which is extremely short sighted.Why not sell them a retail training course that will turn them into a better business owner right from the start.

The funded proposal system gets your newest reps into positive cash flow immediately.Marketing a low-priced,fast-selling retail product first,funds their advertising campaigns,which gets your new reps into cash flow as soon as possible,create momentum in your team and decreasing attrition.

Our funded proposal system is used by our team, this system is base on the timeless principles of attraction psychology,and direct response marketing strategies that have been absent for years.

The funded proposal system has been designed to help You build your down line, generate more leads, and make more money.As a customer, the incredible power of the system is just a phone call away.Call us to help you set up your team system.

This is the smart way to do business.Do you think they do home meeting or make cold calls?No.They market information,which pays for their advertising, which serves as a never-ending source of free leads for their home business.

Once again, setting up your team with the funded proposal system is the fastest and most profitable method of building a home business is retailing to net workers now, to recruit later.

The big boys are retailing books,tapes,leads,websites, and training,all day long.

They are collecting cash from CD’s,brochures,website subscriptions.

They are selling their opportunity on the back-end because they know it takes time to grow a down line.

Let us help you put together your team funded proposal system so your team can make immediate profits.

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