Being Unique-The Secret To Success

[polldaddy poll=3163716]Have you ever thought about why someone should buy your service, your product or hire you? Why you when the choices are so many? Why you- when there are others who offer the same services,produce the same product,have the same education or work just as hard.Why you?


Being unique- having the courage to set yourself apart and be different-not weird-different in a positive way- is what will get you noticed every time.Now what are those things that make this difference?

It used to be good customer service.But today that is expected and it is not enough. Of course, if you don’t have good customer service-forget it.

It used to be having the lowest price.Today that might be a good thing but it still is not enough.


How you communicate with your customers- your clients- your co-workers- your associates-ie what will make the difference between success and failure. Your ability to deffine and clearly communicate the essence of yourself, your service or your product is what will make you unique and will allow you to stand out.

In today’s business world, it is critical that we each understand that people are talking to each other. The client is in control because of communication, Information is king and this information- rightly or wrongly- given by friends, acquaintances, relatives- many of whom might be uninformed- can make or brake sales and success. So it is inherent for each of us to make sure that our message is out there – clear as a bell – so that everyone hears it, understand it and does not mistake it for something that it is not.

The same is true for our product and our brand. The communication vehicles that we use for these- the packaging- the types of messaging- all of it say something about us. We are communicating non-verbally- but we are communicating. At every moment we must be aware and protect our brand and make sure that it’s mesage is being delivered properly.


This is a package deal. It all runs together. We speak to people’s minds with our hearts. They hear us with their hearts. And it is with their emotions they decide if we are good or we are bad.

So communicate well – stand tall – be committed to whatever you believe in – be courageous in your convictions – be brave in being different – speak to your clients about everrything – build relationships- make your clients your friends, even if you have an internet business – always make them feel welcome – have rules and keep them – whatever you sell or service, stand behind it – always deliver quality – keep your word – be approachable – be dependable – be available – say thank you.

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