Baby Boomers and the hollischapmanshow setting goals

Why Is It Important To Set Goals Goals

Why It Is Important To Set Goals Goals are important in life for many reasons. Here are a few: Below are 6 key reasons why setting goals is so important.

Two companies set goals

The hollischapmanshow and Baby Boomers new goals.

Helps you envision your future : Where will you be in five years? Where would you like to be? If you don’t know, how are you going to get there? You’re working and working, going through life every day, and struggling to work for what everyone else wants.

Baby Boomers and hollischapmanshow new goals.


Doing what your boss says, listening to your friends, moving on as quickly as you can to nowhere. Setting goals helps you verbalize what YOU want for a change. It gives you an opportunity for your goals to start working toward something that is going to make YOU happy.

Do you actually like your job? You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t, yet they continue to get up every day and go to work just because it pays the bills. The question should be…If you don’t like it, what are you going to do to change it and to reach your goals?

You have goals out of your comfort zone.


If you do like it, what can you do to advance? Envision where you want to be, and then set a plan to get there. Look deep inside at the crystal ball within you and see exactly where you want to be and what you want to be doing.

There’s nothing wrong with working to pay the bills. It’s something you should do. Have the goals of doing something you like that pays the bills that’s important.

It doesn’t have to be something as big as a new job. Maybe you want to lose weight. Envision yourself 10 pounds lighter. Buy yourself something to wear that you absolutely love in a size smaller and put it where you can see it. Close your eyes and see yourself in it.

If you are working to save money for a car, envision yourself driving it. What kind is it? What color? Can you actually smell that “new car” smell in it? What features does it have? Dream it and set your mind on achieving these goals.

Gives you motivation: When you’re hungry, you have incentive to fix yourself something to eat. Then, you get to enjoy the food. It’s simple, yet the basic principle for goals setting. Want something, do something about it, and reap the rewards.

Whenever there’s a need in your life, there will be motivation to fill that need. Setting  goals toward something will help you see what life would be like if you got that goal.

Therefore, it motivates you to move forward. We all have “down” times where we seem to falter in the motivation department. Thinking of the goals we want to achieve: the rewards: can give us the motivation we need to get through these times.

Our desire to achieve our goals motivates us to work toward it. – Keeps your focus on what’s important: What things do you focus the most on in your life? Is it family, finances, or simply getting through the day?

Wherever your focus is will be where you exert your time and energy. To focus on your work is, of course, important, but it shouldn’t be where your entire focus is. You need to be exerting some of your time and energy working toward things that make you happy.

If you set goals, then you’ll know what is important to you, and be able to focus on them. In other words, you will be exerting your time and energy on yourself, and not others for a change. You may have a general idea of what you would like to do “someday.

” This “someday,” however, may never come around if you don’t narrow your focus. Decide what you need to do and set the goals to get there. In baseball, if you want to hit a homerun, you have to keep your eyes on the ball. Watch the ball all the way to the plate. Watch it as you swing. Then, give it everything you’ve got. That’s what goals can do for you.

They can help you keep your eyes on what’s important and hit that homerun…reaching your goals. Whatever sport you like, setting goals of some kind is necessary to win.

They focus on getting that goal through the whole game. Life is like that. If you have that goal to focus on, you’ll be able to reach your goals faster. After all, no one ever scored a touchdown by taking off running into the stands. That won’t get them a goal.

If you get sidetracked in life, it can cause you to fail at things. Keeping your eyes on what’s important is imperative and setting definite goals will help you do that. – Makes you accountable to yourself: When you set  goals for yourself, you determine whether or not you reach it. You tell yourself you’re going to do it, so you answer to yourself if you don’t. It’s up to you to make the action happen. Sure, there are outside forces that you can’t prevent that may interfere, but ultimately, you are accountable to yourself.

Whatever goals you set, being accountable to yourself can motivate you. If you’re like most people I know and hate to let people down, the one person you should hate letting down the most is YOU. This can make a difference in you. Goals don’t have to be major, life-altering goals.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a cruise. That is your new goal. How do you get there? That’s the plan. Cut back one mocha latte: or any number of other things a day: and put the money aside. That’s your plan. Once you’ve saved the money to go, you’ll feel very good about yourself for reaching the goal.

Not only that, you get the reward of actually going. If you don’t save it, however, you feel bad. You’ve let yourself down. Only you are accountable for your actions. Only you can change them. – Help you reach your potential: How will you ever know what you can do in life if you don’t try. Not having goals will keep you from growing.

Your goals can help you broaden your horizons. You can experience many different things if you reach beyond what you can do now and strive for higher things. If you’d like to know if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, look! If you’d like to see if your life could be more, look! Look deep within yourself, see what you can be, and go for it.

If the goal seems to be a little out of your reach, that’s what a step ladder is for. Take the necessary steps to reach it. If losing 15 pounds seems impossible, lose five pounds at a time. Baby steps until you reach your ultimate goal. If you want to be your own boss some day, then prepare for it. Take the necessary classes or get the necessary experience in the field you’re interested in. Don’t just sit around and say, “If I was in charge…” Be in charge! Setting goals can help you achieve all of that because you’ll have a clear vision. You’ll also have a plan of action.

Reaching your potential is so much easier when you know what you’re reaching for, so reach high. Stretch that reach until you’ve become what you knew you could be. – Live life to the fullest: Having goals and reaching them helps you live a much happier life. Instead of dreaming, you can actually be doing it. You’ll be reaping the rewards of your goal setting, and feeling good about yourself. Setting goals and striving to reach them helps you maximize your life. You’ve heard the saying, “You can do it if you put your mind to it.” Just consider the fact that if you’ve dreamed it, you’ve set your mind to your  goals.

You know what it is. Now set your mind on what life would be like if you actually reached the goal. Once you’ve set your mind on that, don’t give up until you get it. Then you’ll be living life to the fullest. You’d be surprised, but reaching one goal is often all it takes to motivate you to set more.

Once you see the benefit of having that goal in site and a plan to get there, it will make a difference in the way you look at goals setting. Reaping the rewards of a goal will be helping you to live life to the fullest and fill like a worthwhile person.

If you don’t believe it, try it. Set a small goal and reach it. You’ll feel good about yourself. It will improve some aspect of your life. Everyone wants to have a happy, fulfilled life.

The way you get this is by living the life you want to be living. When you see how great it is to actually find a way to get that life, you’ll want to keep doing it. If you’re not used to setting goals, they can seem a little different at first. You may have a difficult time setting them and reaching them. Once you get used to it, however, you’ll wonder how you ever lived life without them setting goals.

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