Avoid the high cost of Book Editing.

1.Interview with Nikki Corbett Tell us a little about yourself,and your book editing business.

Precise Proofing focuses on book editing-proofreading- and writing for our clients.

Book editing

Precise Proofreading.

We help position Book Editing clients beyond their competition by avoiding the high cost of poorly worded communication.
Our work drives proven results. From nonprofits, small businesses and corporations to authors and students, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the book editing of  your document is in the right hands with Precise Proofing.

2.WHY HIRE A PROOFREADER for book editing?

Simply put, our eyes play tricks on us; they see what they want to see. Businesses know their products too well. Writers are too close to their manuscripts. Students are too invested in their research.
Hiring someone outside of your professional or personal circle to proofread and edit your work will enhance and strengthen your original communication. An experienced proofreader/editor will not only correct mistakes, but will also add clarity and substance as an unbiased, outside source reviewing your document through the eyes of your audience.


Most companies don’t hire proofreaders; they hire secretaries, administrative assistants, HR personnel, PR executives, etc. Quite often, it’s one of these people who are relied upon to proofread print ads to web copy and everything in between.
In truth, that person is probably not schooled in the English language, can’t recognize a misplaced modifier, or know all of the idiosyncrasies of our language required for professional business communications. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional to proofread, edit, and even write your business documents–someone who will maintain and support your business image and communications. This helps businesses to obtain prime staff utilization by allowing employees to serve a company through their primary job functions.
We price most documents by dividing the word count by 280 (words per page). This allows for the most consistent and fair pricing all around. You can have a single page of ad copy, text, etc. proofread for only $5/page!
More importantly, the cost of getting your message right far outweighs the cost of getting it wrong. Imagine–paying for printing, mailing, etc. only to find out that a single misplaced punctuation mark completely changed the intent of your message! Or an embarrassing spelling error wasn’t caught and makes it to your entire client list! Will your clients be hesitant to trust you with their work, time, money–their business–in the future? That’s why we specialize in getting your message right the first time. We look good by making you look awesome!
You can submit your document to us through the Request an Estimate form found on our Book Editing page. There is also a link to this form on every page of our website.
This depends on the scope of work involved, though we typically complete a project within 5-7 business days, usually less!
We’ll be happy to complete your project to meet your deadline. Just give us a call and we can discuss your needs and our competitive pricing for rush jobs.
If you submit a hard copy or a computer file to us that cannot be edited (Adobe Acrobat, .tif, scanned file, etc.), we will return your document with handwritten edits. You can choose which changes to make to your original document.
If you submit a Microsoft Word file to us, we will return your edited document with all changes tracked, enabling you to individually accept or deny each edit. You can also view a completed, ready-to-use copy of the same document (with all changes made).
Proofreading includes checking for proper grammar, diction, punctuation and spelling as well as conducting a basic document overview (e.g., alignment, text flow, and font consistency).Book Editing digs even deeper into your document to spot check facts- provide suggestions to further improve your document- and even rewrite limited portions of text as necessary.
Thank you for listening to the hollischapmanshow and interview with Nikki Corbett,follow up with Nikki at http://preciseproofing.com/ mention the show and get a 20% discount on book editing and other services.

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