Authors!Tips on how to use Facebook effectively.

Authors here are some tips on how to use Facebook effectively without spending more than 30 minutes a day on their site.

I’ve often tell authors that social networking can take up your entire day,if you allow it. You sit down at your desk in the morning, and you see several Facebook event invites and friend requests. As you log into your account,someone’s Facebook status update catches your eye, and before you know it,3 hours have passed while you’ve reading and responding to social networking can you possibly get any  work done in your business or your clients at this rate?

Authors Facebook doesn’t have to be a time hog.

As a matter of fact, you can actually handle most of your Facebook tasks in as little as 15 minutes per day. Here’s what i do when i log into my account each morning.

1.Update your status.This is the first section that you’ll see on your homepage when you log into Facebook.

2.Review your news feeds.This is the first tab on the right on your home page. in this review,you’re seeking stories on which you can share you expertise and on which you can comment.Authors some of your comments may be personal in nature,but this is a great opportunity to showcase your new book and your experience in your field and industry.

3.Review news feeds of other authors.This feature is available from the home page as the down arrow on the far right of the home page tabs and permits you to view the feeds of other authors friends list.Friend lists allow you to create private groupings of friends based on your personal preferences. I’ve got my list created by industry,i.e  first time authors,virtual assistants,marketing professionals,People to watch etc.If you have no friends list,here’s how to create them: click friends at the top of any Facebook page. From the following page,click”Make a new list”on the left.After typing ti the title of your list,you can add friends to your list by typing your friend’s name into the “Add to List” field.

4.Review Authors status updates.

Take a quick moment to breeze through the status updates of your friends.and click on those on which you feel compelled to comment.Many people feed their blog post into their status updates.

5.Acknowledge Birthdays. These are list under events and Birthdays on the right side of your hompage. When you click on the birthday person’s name,you’ll be sent to their wall.

6.Review friend requests. Add friends as you see fit, or according to your guidelines you have set for yourself.You  can set up a “Friending Request policy”in which you write down the conditions under which you”ll accept friends(picture must be on profile).

7.Respond to event invitations,Other authors might have a book signing,and they will send you an invite,so take a few moments to scroll through those and see if any are of interest to you,or if you have further questions about them.

8.Respond to group invitations.Most of these i ignore,but occasionally i’ll join a private group,usually related to a program in which i’m enrolled.Or,if it’s a group run by someone with whom I want to connect or from whom i want to learn.

9.Add friends.Facebook does an amazing job of suggesting people I actually know to add to my friend list in their “People You May Know” section on my home page.If I happen to see such a suggestion, i send out a request to add that person as a friend.When requesting to add a friend, I ALWAYS send a personalize request,letting them know how i know about them.

10.Authors review notifications:

The notifications icons is on the lower right side of your home page and lists what’s going on in your account9friends requests accepted,notes on your wall,etc).This is a good prompt for you to write on someone’s wall when they accept your friend request or to respond to posts on your own wall.

11. Eyeball your own profile. make sure your profile appears as it should, and take the opportunity to catch up on anything you may have missed with your other steps.

12.Check your inbox.Many of the emails in your inbox are duplications of events and group invites or group emails.When i look at this, i’m seeking out personal1-1emails that i might have received from other authors on my  list.

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