Authors reaccess your online marketing.

Authors Before you begin any kind of internet marketing or if you feel the need to reaccess where you are going online,you must ask yourself the following questions?

Does y

Authors Does your website

Women you go the internet for business,provide content that will bring your customers back to your site.

Have a picture of you?

On the internet do you have your story and information about you?

Offer valuable content and not just sales pitches?

Have an opt-in newsletter or list box?

Provide all of your contact information on the internet?(this includes phone number and email).

What do you want to be known for on the internet?

What are your interests/strengths/hobbies?

Where does your target market hang-out on the internet?

What internet activities will attract the kind of people you are seeking?

What newsletters/ezines do the kind of people you are looking for read?

How do you want to be perceived on the internet?

What are going to be your primary internet marketing activities?

Have you registered if it is available? If you have a common name and it is already taken try or .me.This is crucial for branding You on the internet and not just your business.

List any ideas you have here:

Article Marketing for authors.

The following topics are some ideas i have for writing articles.

The following internet directories or websites are where I would like to publish my articles.

The following ezines accepts articcles submissions.

The following is my signature file or bio line for my articles.

Blogging for authors.

The following are ideas or topics for my blog.

I have researched the following authors blog topics by reading other people’s blogs to get ideas of what is popular and ineresting to other people.

I am going to list my blog in the following directories in order to gain additional publicity.

I am going to add the following authors content including links to my blog.

The following is my authors blog bio.

I have decided on a schedule for my authors blog posting  Yes  No

I will use the following authors keywords in my posts on a regular basis in order to obtain maximum search engine visibility.

I will provide a way for readers to contact me and or to subscribe to my blog and keep informed of new posts.

The way i am going to do this is:

Social Networking for authors.

I am going to create a authors profile and actively participate on the following social networking sites:

There are tons out there so it is best to choose only 4. Otherwise you can get overwhelmed and waste a lot of time.

I am going to promote primarily the following websites:

I have created the following authors ebooks,ecourses,blogs or other free content to promote to the users:

The following is my authors bio or sig file for those places where it is allowed:

Message Board/Forums

I am going to find message boards/forums on the following topics where I can post useful and interesting content and learn from the other visitors.

The following is my message board/forum signature line:

Once I have found these boards i have created an authors account,included my picture wherever possible and registered using my  first and last name only.This is crucial for branding.

Once i have done my authors research I am going to visit the following boards at least once a week and post useful content and ask interesting questions.

I have created the following authors articles,blog posts,and other useful and interesting content and ideas to share with board visitors.

Ebooks for authors and small business.

I have decided whether or not I am going to create my own ebook or ebooks or if I am going to give away ebooks written by others. Yes  No

I have researched authors ebooks and found the following topics to be of interest to others regarding ebooks.

I have read the following authors ebooks in order to learn something.

If you have decided to write an ebook,the following are the topics you are considering.

Once i have written my internet ebook, I will create a website for it at the following URL:

I will promote my ebook in the following directories or on the following websites:

If you are going to promote other’s people ebooks,the best way to do this with a free ebook e-course.If you have decided to do this,list below the ebooks you are going to include:


Create your own e-course can be a lot of work but once it is done, you can get great publicity and business.

The following are ideas or topics about which I feel I could create an e-course.

The following are e-course I have subscribed to in order to get an idea of how other people are doing it successfully.

I have decided if I am going to host my e-course on a website ot a blog,and i have created the site or blog to host it on Yes  No

The following are topics of the lessons in my e-course.

After my e-course is ready to go, I am going to submit the listing to the following directories or websites.

I am going seek out the following networks or kinds of people on the internet who i think would enjoy my e-course and offer it to them.

I am going to write the following relevent articles offering content similar to the content of my e-course and submit them to article directories including a link to free sign up of my e-coures.


I have read or subscribed to the following ezines in order to get ideas for what others are doing.

I have decided on the following main topic for my newsletter or ezine.

The following are other sub-topics I could write about in my newsletter.

I have decided upon a time schedule and method of didtribution for my newsletter Yes  No

Once I have published my first issue on the internet for authors  i am ready to go, I will publicize my authors newsletter in the following places.

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