Authors it’s about Assets not Income

Authors it’s not about income but the Assets that Generate Income.


It’s no wonder so many authors don’t understand the value of income network marketing:Many of those who are actually involved with it themselves don’t fully grasp the value of what they hold in their hands.

When authors go to hear network marketing income presentation.

Their main question is, If I join this business,how much income can i earn here? And no surprise,when you listen to people promote their network marketing business,often that’s exactly what you will hear them talk about:how much you can earn on a per month basis.

Authors and other people want to know much they can earn per month is that they are thinking in terms of the 9-5 mind set.They are thinking about supplementing or replacing their current 9-5 job.

But that’s not where the real value of network income marketing lies.

The problem with earning income is that it’s an very limited,linear process.Work for pay,It depends on you,which means you can never stop.Earning more income only makes you more dependent on walking more hours.We need to be owning assets that generate income.

Income is not your house.

The things that most people think of as assets are not assets at all:they are liabilities.What defines whether something is an asset or a liability is cash flow,(books in your gorage).Not some abstraction of value.Is it generating money that goes into¬† your pocket,or is it taking money out of your pocket?Everything will either make income or cost you money.If it does not bring in income,it’s not an asset,it’s a liability.

Authors you can have income if you working or sleeping.

That’s passive income: residual income.We need to work hard to build an platform,you need to think like a ricj person,not like a working class person.

Because owning your business,building a platfrom is an asset.When you build your platform/social network,network marketing,blog,you’re not only learning critical life skills,you’re also building a genuine income asset for yourself and family.In a job,you earn income, in network marketing and platform building you are building an asset and the asset generates income.

Invest in things that makes you money.If it makes you income,it’s an asset;if it takes money from you,it’s a liability.

Your business/platform is you number 1 income asset.

The number 2 asset is real estate.And even with real estate,you have to understand the difference between cash flow and capital gain.Most people don’t understand this distinction.When they invest,they invest for capital gain.That’s capital gain,not cash flow.

The purpose of owning real estate is to keep it as an asset,not to sell it for a profit.If you buy a piece of real estate for $100,000 and then sell it for $200.000,that is not an asset;you just generated a $100.000 capital gain.

This is the biggest problem with having a income producing job.

A job is not an asset.You can’t sell it on eBay; you can’t rent it out; you can’t take dividends from it.Why spend decades,the best years of your life,working away to build something that is not an asset? Or to build someone else’s asset,but not your own?When you are working an income job,you are building an asset-but not your asset.

We’ve had this idea drilled into us that there is some sort of inherent value in having a good income job,but there is absolutely no value in it.The income from your job is taxed at a higher rate than any other form of income.

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