Authors how to Jumpstart Traffic To your authors blog.

Authors we are going to reveal several ways to promote your authors blog.

Each of these things will helped authors blog to continue building loyal readers and subscribers every single day.The most important points are in bold,and they should be considered rules rather than tips.Every good blogger follows these practices.

1.Authors blog should post quality,interesting and compelling content that people want to read.

2.Post regularly to your authors blog(at least 3-5 times per week if not more).

3.Authors blog should show how you are an expert and authority on your topic.

4.Write press releases that are newsworthy and link back to your authors blog.

5.Ask your readers to “Bookmark”your site with the popular social book-marking services like digg and others.

6.Ask your readers and other bloggers to link to your blog and share your content.

7.Encourage your readers to subscribe by RSS(use a service like feedburner).

8.Use video marketing drive people back to your  blog(request information on video marketing).

9.Use video,audio and photos in your  blog as well as text.

10.Be a guest author/expert on other authors blog and websites in your industry.

11.Link to other authors blog you like and share the good stuff with your subscibers.You will get other authors to link back to you.

12.Make your authors blog interactive by including polls,surveys and other interactive stuff.

13.Learn about search engine optimization.

14.Piggyback new and exciting developments in your industry(be the first to post!).

15.Link to your authors blog from other social networking sites (Ask about the top four sites you should be using).

16.Learn about the basic components on your blog like pings and trackbacks(see wordpress introduction to blogging).

17.Clam your authors blog on

18.Write and submit articles that point back to your authors blog.

19.Post your email newsletters on your blog.

20.Comment on blogs you like very often(be sure you have something intelligeent to say).

21.Post in authors blog forums on your topic and link back to your blog.

22.Encourage your readers to share their thoughts,ideas and feedback by commenting,offer a free gift for doing so.

23.Add a call to action signature to all your outgoing email with link to your blog.

24.Join and add the widget.Visit other blogs when logged in to

25.Promote your RSS feed to sites that allow submissions easy for folks to subscribe to authors blog content.

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