Authors how to beat the fear being an entrepreneur.

1.JP Jones Tell us a little about yourself,and your career as a entrepreneur.

I’m definitely what people currently refer to as a serial entrepreneur.

This is a great time to become an entrepreneur.

 I am currently involved in a management or founding capacity in 6 small businesses—but all the companies work around the media field and work together hand in hand, to ultimately create a completely full service experience for our clients.
 We’re like the Walmart of media/communications—from branding design to book covers and online marketing to websites. Thanks to the vast gamut of entrepreneur  experience my first book came to fruition.

 Market Yourself: A Beginner’s entrepreneur  Guide to Social Media is a great resource for anyone wanting to jump out in the social media waters.

2.A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media”, what should authors/entrepreneur  be doing with  social media?  What should they get out of it?
The first thing I tell authors and a entrepreneur  about Social media is, “JUST DO IT”.
The biggest fear of social media is the unknown. Just jump in there and test the waters, don’t be afraid of making a ‘mistake’ or not understanding it. It’s something you learn by doing and the ‘doing’ is all about connecting and interacting with others.  In return many  of the authors/entrepreneur  report an increase in audience loyalty and see a great return of word of mouth referrals.
3.You have many hats in your work week,how do you organize it all to make it work?
Some entrepreneur days are definitely better than others, but overall, I have learned to work within and employ a number of time saving techniques and I’m always looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve processes.
4.You are big into entrepreneur  joint ventures, how can that work with authors?
Authors can find great entrepreneur opportunities to connect with businesses or products that connect to their books.
Many of these places would love to actually sell your book in their place of business when the idea is presented. It’s a win/win for the author and the entrepreneur partnering business.
5.Top 101 Female Bloggers,how do you become a great blogger? give us a couple tips to start.
As a entrepreneur  stick with it-So many people get excited and start a blog, but then leave it when they don’t get as many hits or comments as they would like.
I encourage you to stick with it. Even when it seems like no one is listening someone IS reading your work. At the same time, make sure you’re providing relevant and unique content to your readers.
6.When should we start trying to make money from our blog?
There is no time like the present. Start out by finding some affiliate advertising programs you can connect to–even those as you ad readership can result in a steady stream of additional income for you.
7.It changes so fast! how do you Stay on top of technology?
Very carefully! Seriously, though it is one of the issues that you have to really dig into and be determined to stay connected with the changes and new ‘fads’ in the entrepreneur  industry.
8.Should all authors have blogs,if so why?
Authors/entrepreneur should definitely have a website and in most cases the websites should include a blog–after all they are writers!!
If nothing else try to have fairly consistent updates regarding their writing experiences, character creation and/or marketing endeavors.
9.How do you market your blog/business?
90% of my marketing is actually done via Social Media and word of mouth interactions. We endeavor to make each customer an evangelist for our brand and they in turn bring in additional customers.
10.Final comment: For what do you want to be remembered professionally?
You know, so much of my ‘job’ is actually teaching and helping others with their media experiences and that’s what  I love about it. The opportunity to impart the things I’ve learned and help an entrepreneur with their needs-That’s really my biggest reward!

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