Authors Cash Flow components needed to move your books.

Authors there are five components needed to build cash flow and build your business.

Authors you need a marketing pipeline to move your books.

Traffic and a strong prospect generator to build cash flow.

This cash flow system consists of mass-market advertising through any media type,(social media,postcards,classifields,pay per click,display ads,etc.) Which is aimed at your true target market. This army of ads creates leads for your book 24/7,and introduce new people to your book.You build your list and have customers for your next book,or other items you want to sell.

The Marketing Pipeline for cash flow growth.

Tempe Generation System serves several purposes.The first is to capture the attention and time of your prospects by providing valuable information that is of true benefit to them.This will keep them in the pipeline and keep them very active when you promote to them.It is important to note that these components run by themselves without your direct involvement through technology.The most common Get Response email autoresponder system.

This marketing campaign should position you as an expert,leader not a salesperson.

Cash flow system should market,promote,and induce the sale of inexpensive retail product( tablets,pens,mouse pads),through direct response marketing,This is the sales letter,which points to the cash register,which takes the order for you.

The cash flow system online or offline processing system.

When you have a system in place that will produce retail cash,and creates retail customers 2/7.This money helps pay for your advertising,not make a profit.

Your book is the topping on the cake with the correct cash flow system.

The small retail product your system markets should be intimately connected with your book or service.It should sell your book or service for you,or it should introduce the customer to sell themselves.

Don’t depend solely on book sales for long term residual income,put in place multipal revenue streams.

Doing this whole process,your cash flow system job is to drive traffic into the marketing machine,and build a relationship with prospects and retail customer! The cash flow system does all of the selling and telling for you.

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