Attract New Clients With Ease, Marketing Coach Jennifer Davey

Attract New Clients With Ease New clients are the lifeblood of any business. Part of any daily work routine must involve getting new business. However, you can’t spend all your time marketing to new clients. You need to get work done too. The goal is to market smarter, not harder. Let’s take a look at some ways to market more effectively. Narrow Your Focus Getting new clients is going to take time and effort. For every client that says “yes” there are ten others who said “no” to your proposal. By narrowing down your focus the client pool is smaller and more willing to say “yes.” Figure out what your niche is to maximize your chances and lighten your workload. Brag Nobody likes arrogance, but in business it’s a necessary trait. If you don’t tell people how great you are, they’ll never find out. Everyone wants an expert to work on his or her project. Put yourself out there as an expert. There are many ways to publicize your expertise. Don’t be shy about touting your ability. Soon clients will be coming to you. Schedule Schedule time for marketing! If you don’t put it on your calendar, there will never be a good time to do it. Market EVERY DAY. When you’re focusing on marketing, turn of the phone and shut down your email software. Community Everyone loves to belong to a community. It’s no different in a school or in the business world. Create and use a network of peers and clients. People love to help others and be part of something great. Don’t be shy about letting people know what you are currently involved in. A lot of businesses run solely on referrals. Follow Through People lead busy lives and will forget about a contact they made. Maybe they need some persuading. Keep following up with possible clients to remind them why you are right for the job. Periodically check in with existing clients to see if they need anything extra. People who work are the ones who follow through. Small Business Coach and Marketing Strategist, Jennifer Davey, is the author of the “Getting Clients Home Study Program”, the step-by-step guide to getting clients, building your business and making more income. To discover more details on her Home Study Program and get a copy of her 14-Step Formula for Getting Clients visit

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