Antioxidants is the way to combat free radicals

To combat free radicals turn to foods rich in antioxidants.

The food works in several different ways to fight free radicals and reduce lipid oxidation of fats in your cells.For instance,beta-carotene can actually destroy free radicals after they are formed.Vitamin C keeps free radicals from destroying the outermost layers of cells.Vitamin E scavenges free radicals,saving tissues from damage.

The best-known antioxidants come at the end of a fork or in pill form.

Vitamins C and E beta carotene,a precursor to vitamin A: and minerals such as copper,zinc,manganese,and selenium. Getting most of your antioxidants from whole foods has major advantages- you get not only the antioxidants but also a whole host of nutrients. Although the science of antioxidants is still unraveling, researchers suspect that your body may best absorb and use antioxidants when these other nutrients are present.

Spotting the Antioxidants.Fitness bootcamp Phoenix

The easiest way to point you toward foods packed with antioxidants is to go and check out the (ORAC) chart.Please Google the U.S. department of Agriculture for the chart.The chart ranks the top antioxidants-rich foods,starting with the very best and working down to the very good.

Best overall.It’s hard to find a better snack then raisins,dried plums,or any of the dark-colored fruits,especially when it comes to antioxidants.Prunes are the king of the hill,Yes,those shriveled purple blobs are the butt of more jokes than and other food(except possibly baked beans),but they twice the antioxidants of raisins,which are ranked second.Both foods are nearly devoid of water,making their antioxidants heavily concentrated.

Best for fighting pain. Cherries are another amazing inflammation fighter. They  rank among the  top 10 in terms of antioxidants content,making them a powerful anti-inflammatory.Eating cherries could relieve inflammatory pain as capably as aspirin or ibuprofen but with less potential stomach irritation.And because there are only 51 calories per cup,you can forget about getting heavy and concentrate on getting healthy.

Runner-up.One antidote for a sprained ankle or broken tibia might be eating beef,chicken,seafood,and other foods high in b vitamins.Vitamin B seemed to disrupt the transmission of pain signals between the rest of the body and the brain. Olive and nuts also have anti-inflammatory action that can help minimize sprains and tendinitis.In contrast,the saturated fat in meats can aggravate such problems.

Most underrated Antioxidant. The award here goes to herbs. The U.S.Department of Agriculture recently tested dozens of culinary herbs and spices for antioxidant content and found that many of them out pace fruits and vegetables in this department.For example,Mexican,Italian,and Greek oregano all outscored Vitamin E  when measured for antioxidant activity.Bay,dill,coriander,thyme,and rosemary scored nearly as well. keep in mind that because herbs and spices tend to be sprinkled lightly on whatever you happen to be eating, they’re not a substitute for the quantities found in fruits and vegetables.But it’s an easy way to amp up your overall antioxidants consumption.

Best for stopping muscle cramps.

There may be a number different causes of muscle cramps,but one that you  can easily eliminate is dehydration and loss of salts,especially sodium,potassium,and magnesium.Slathering a banana with some salted natural peanut better and drinking a huge gulp of water is a great antidote for your muscle cramps.

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